Rocketbook Notebooks: The Future of Notetaking?

At first glance, the Rocketbook simply looks like a fairly standard, thin notebook. Open it up, and you realize there is a world of technology waiting inside.

Rocketbooks are more than just your average notebook. They’re fully reusable, either via microwave or water.This means that each time you are ready to reuse your Rocketbook, you can either simply wash it off with water, or put the whole book in the microwave and the pen will disappear. This will save countless pages of paper that would otherwise be lost in a regular notebook. Rocketbooks are waterproof, durable, and write just like paper. The real magic starts with the app.

Nerds Unite! 3D Printing Meets Tabletop Gaming

Dice are essential to playing most tabletop games.

In more complex games like Dungeons and Dragons, a variety of dice are used within campaigns for different purposes. However, dice bought from many gaming stores can average roughly $10 a set. Instead of paying full price, I set out to 3D print my own dice, which cost me a total of $3. 

Putnam 336

Software available in lab:
  • ACDLabs - ChemSketch
  • ArcGIS
  • Python
  • VPython

Palenske 329

Palenske Quick Start Checklist

Software available in lab:
  • Capstone 
  • ClaroRead 
  • Design Spark 
  • DyKnow 
  • ImageJ
  • Labview
  • LTSpiceIV 
  • MathCAD 
  • Mathematica 
  • MatLab 
  • MikTek 
  • MultiSim 
  • Python 
  • vPython 
  • SpecTech STX 
  • Starry Night College 6 
  • TexMaker

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