Welcome to the Office of Residential Life

Right where you need to be. To do everything.

Residential life. Let's think about what that means. At Albion, we see these things as the core of everything you do. It's how you meet new people. Where and how you relax. Or eat. Or spread a blanket on the lawn. It's also where you pay attention to bigger things. Things that can guide your life after Albion, like cooperation and sustainability.

At the start, you'll live in a traditional residence hall with lots of other first-year students. And you'll share everything: rooms, study spaces, kitchen and laundry areas, bathrooms, and a common area with a lounge and a big screen. You'll have plenty of places to study, and there'll be lots of other things going on whenever you need a break from studying.

As you move up in class, you'll have a new range of options. You'll be eligible to apply for an apartment, suite, fraternity house, or special-interest housing that fits your needs. But don't worry, you'll still be close to everything.