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Career Development

Creates opportunities for professional growth and development of skills.


  • Samantha Addington
  • Ed Cheladyn
  • Tim DeWitt
  • Sharon Jones
  • Troy Kase
  • Michelle Owens-Koeppen
  • Chad Rocco

Compensation & Benefits

Monitors and reports staff concerns regarding non-faculty and non-union employee compensation and benefits.


  • Drew Dunham
  • Amanda Ewers
  • Renee Kreger
  • Jess Lampkin
  • Catherine Lessnau
  • Trevor Markovich
  • Jordan Marshall
  • Jill Marie Mason
  • Eric Westmoreland

Diversity & Inclusion

Advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus.


  • Chris Berry
  • Karen Eagen
  • Karen Hiatt
  • Elisa Hooper
  • Nick Mourning
  • Anne Noble
  • Greg Polnasek

Wellness & Engagement

Fosters physical and mental well-being, as well as opportunities for interactions with peers.


  • Joan Eagen
  • Derick Lawrence
  • Maggie Meier
  • Amy Richardson
  • Leah Rose
  • Kristen Sarniak
  • Melissa Sommers
  • Kacie Zuck


Staff Council hosts staff assembly meetings throughout the year, as well as all-staff events that encourage cross-campus interaction in order to boost engagement and morale.

Past Events

  • First Annual Staff Council Picnic-N-Play and Cornhole Tournament - Photo Gallery

Upcoming Events

  • Fall Happy Hour - coming soon!
  • Winter Chili Walk - more information to come.

Staff Council

About Staff Council

The Staff Council mission is to advocate for and promote the interests of staff, help draft and establish policies that affect staff, and facilitate communication between staff and other constituencies. In addition to fully supporting and advancing the College mission, we support a variety of activities and initiatives to enhance the environment for staff members, allowing them to succeed and grow in their work experience, ensuring that Albion College is a desirable place of employment, while fostering strong workplace relationships, enhancing staff engagement, strengthening our community, and celebrating staff contributions to Albion College.

Staff Council Members

jill mason 220x275a

Jill Marie Mason

Academic Affairs

Phone: 517/629-0270

jess lampkin 220x275a

Jess Lampkin

Finance and Administration

Phone: 517/629-0969

Samantha Addington

Enrollment Management

Phone: 517/629-0475

Leah Rose

Institutional Advancement

Phone: 517/629-0829

Karen Hiatt

Student Development

Phone: 517/629-0336

Elisa Hooper

Union Representative - Clerical

Phone: 517/629-0236

Sharon Jones

Union Representative - Facilities

Phone: 517/629-0230

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