Consumerism Tools

You can reduce your family's health care costs and help control costs for the College by using the following consumerism tools. Albion College is self-funded; the College pays claim costs, not Blue Cross Blue Shield. The College strives to provide a competitive, comprehensive benefits package while being fiscally responsible as the costs of health care continue to rise. Partnering together, the College and employees can become more engaged consumers, making informed decisions about their health care needs.

Skipping medically necessary procedures, screenings, appointments, or prescriptions are not safe cost saving strategies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Resources

Ways to Reduce Your Family's Health Care Costs

Get Your Annual Physical, Preventative Care, Age-Appropriate Screenings
Treatment is much less costly (and with better prognosis) when diagnosed in the early stages

Compare Costs and Quality of Care
For non-emergency care, compare procedural costs and quality ratings by facility > Doctors & Hospitals > Find a Doctor > Compare Cost and Quality

Telemedicine Resource: BCBS Online Visits for Medical Care
24/7 virtual doctor's appointment at no cost to you
Online Visits cost the College less than office visits and urgent care
Download the BCBSM Online Visits App

Compare Costs: Prescription Drugs
Prescription drugs vary by pharmacy, compare the cost of yours at: > My Coverage > Price a Drug

Stay In-Network
Ensuring your procedure is in-network wil llower your out-of-pocket costs

Avoid Hospital For Routine Care
Only use hospitals for emergencies and needed procedures (e.g. surgery)
Routine care charges can be 10x more expensive when done in the hospital
Alternatives: use urgent care of your primary care physican

Ensure Your Care Is Necessary
Challenge excessive or redundant procedures (e.g. diagnostic tests)

Free Medical Advice Using the 24-Hour BCBS Nurse Line
Call (800) 775-2583

Use Generic Prescription Drugs
When available, on average generics are 4x less expensive than brand name

Mental Health Resources
Employee Assistance Program: Contact (800) 269-5870 for 4 free counseling sessions per year
BCBS Online Visists for virtual therapy and psychiatric care ($20 co-pay)

Physical Health Resources
Employees and their families have free access to the Dow and Depot on campus


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Career Development

Creates opportunities for professional growth and development of skills.


  • Samantha Addington
  • Ed Cheladyn
  • Tim DeWitt
  • Sharon Jones
  • Troy Kase
  • Michelle Owens-Koeppen
  • Chad Rocco

Compensation & Benefits

Monitors and reports staff concerns regarding non-faculty and non-union employee compensation and benefits.


  • Drew Dunham
  • Amanda Ewers
  • Renee Kreger
  • Jess Lampkin
  • Catherine Lessnau
  • Trevor Markovich
  • Jordan Marshall
  • Jill Marie Mason
  • Eric Westmoreland

Diversity & Inclusion

Advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus.


  • Chris Berry
  • Karen Eagen
  • Karen Hiatt
  • Elisa Hooper
  • Nick Mourning
  • Anne Noble
  • Greg Polnasek

Wellness & Engagement

Fosters physical and mental well-being, as well as opportunities for interactions with peers.


  • Joan Eagen
  • Derick Lawrence
  • Maggie Meier
  • Amy Richardson
  • Leah Rose
  • Kristen Sarniak
  • Melissa Sommers
  • Kacie Zuck


Staff Council hosts staff assembly meetings throughout the year, as well as all-staff events that encourage cross-campus interaction in order to boost engagement and morale.

Past Events

  • First Annual Staff Council Picnic-N-Play and Cornhole Tournament - Photo Gallery

Upcoming Events

  • Fall Happy Hour - coming soon!
  • Winter Chili Walk - more information to come.

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