Coming Out ParadeLGBriTs creates awareness and recognition of lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and gay rights issues. There is both a political function (e.g., increase campus awareness through films, speakers, hall programs, panels) and a social function (e.g., attending lesbian and gay concerts, bookstores, speakers, restaurants) to the group.

This group also serves as a safe space for Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) students.

Jenna Beemer, President of LGBriTs

Jenna Beemer, ’18

President, LGBriTs

Year: Senior
Pronouns: She/her/hers/they/them

Why are you a part of LGBriTs? “I saw it as an opportunity to step up to a position that would be helping my peers, my friends, and new faces on campus. I also felt I needed a space that felt comfortable enough for me to express myself; Not only did I gain that, but support and friendship as well. What I strive to do, along with LGBriTs' other Co President, is maintain that environment and support while bettering campus for students. This organization has given me a lot and I'm just trying to do the same for others.”

What do you like about Albion College? “I think one of the things I enjoy most about Albion is its size. Sure, it can feel too small at times, but it makes it that much easier to connect with people on campus!”

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