Albion College Hillel


Albion College Hillel offers a voice to the Jewish students on campus to improve awareness about cultural issues such as anti-Semitism. It gives Jewish students and faculty an opportunity to observe holiday traditions, as well as provide non-Jewish members of the community the chance to learn more about the Jewish culture.


Mike Bernard, President of Hillel

Mike Bernard, ’18

President, Hillel

Year: Senior
Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you a part of Hillel? “To create a space for Jewish students (and allies to the Jewish community) to gather and have a space and also to give the Albion community more of a chance to become educated on Jewish culture. I wanted to put on events that could teach those who are unaware what it means to be Jewish and what is important to us.”

What do you like about Albion College? “Albion College is really blossoming into a very diverse community and is giving all of us in Umbrella a chance to educate the staff and students on how to be allies to their fellow Albion community members.”

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