Recommend a Smooth Transitions Mentor

A student has selected you to provide a reference statement in support of their application for the Smooth Transitions Mentor Program. The Smooth Transitions Mentor Program is dedicated to supporting first year underrepresented students transition into Albion College. Students who fill out this application are interested in becoming a mentor for up to five first year underrepresented students.

Responsibilities of a Smooth Transitions Mentor

All Smooth Transitions mentors will be responsible for up to five first year students. Each mentor will be expected to devote at least ten hours a week to the program. The mentors will be required to lead weekly small group discussions, have weekly one on one meetings with their mentees, attend bi-weekly supervision meetings, and display characteristics of a positive role model. Mentors will be determined by;

  • A student's personal desire and reasons for becoming a mentor for underrepresented first years.
  • A student's characteristics and experiences that are related to mentoring and leading small group discussions.
  • A student's commitment to diversity on and off campus
  • A student's campus/community activities and leadership positions

Your Reference

The reference statement you provide will be used by the Smooth Transitions Mentor Program Selection Committee to gain further insight into the candidate's scholarship and leadership experiences relating to the campus and the surrounding communities. Comments regarding the candidate's unique or special contribution as measured by the quality of commitment to diversity and mentorship will be especially helpful in the selection process.

We understand that Smooth Transitions Mentor Program references are busy individuals. We certainly don't want providing a reference statement to be a large task. While your recommendation may be as short or as long as you would like, typical reference statements are between 3-6 sentences. You may provide a formal letter of recommendation, but it is not necessary for this purpose.

The reference statement will only be seen by the Smooth Transitions Selection Committee. Therefore, it is not considered part of the student's official College record and will be held in confidence. Please use the form below to complete the recommendation for the student who has forwarded you this web address.


Reference statements are due by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 23, 2017. If this deadline has passed it is still fine to submit your reference. We still want to hear from you. A reference statement received past the deadline will not be held against the applicant in any way as your feedback is an important part of our evaluation process. If you have any questions, you may send email to .

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