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Programming Assistance:
Campus Programs and Organizations is available to assist students, clubs and organizations and departments with programming related needs.  CPO can provide tips, strategies and resources that can be helpful to the program planning process. Below are some resouces related to some of the most frequent issues that are asked during the program planning process.

If your question does not fall within these topics, please feel free to contact the office directly at 517/629-0433. You may also send us an e-mail messsage using the Contact Us page located at the bottom of the site menu located on the left-hand side of this Web page.


Room Reservations

Event Calendar

Posting Policy


Albion College provides authorized spaces around campus for the sharing of written communication by College community members that does not interfere with the orderly appearance or operation of the College. Postings must be in good taste and conform to expectations Albion holds as an academic institution. No mention of alcohol may occur in postings advertising any event.

All postings in campus buildings must be put on public area bulletin boards. Respect should be shown by not covering others' postings. Outdated materials will be regularly removed by College staff.

The Vulgamore Hall showcase can be reserved through the Campus Programs and Organizations Office by campus organizations for displays and event advertising, subject to availability.

Residence Hall student room door postings must remain only on doors and be kept to a minimum for fire safety purposes.

Postings on windows, walls, doors, trees, sidewalks, lamp posts, etc., are not permitted unless previously granted special permission by the Campus Programs and Organizations Office. Removal of these postings and repair of any damage caused may be done at the expense of the individual or group responsible.

The Rock

The Rock on the campus quadrangle has served for many years as a place for student and campus group expression on various issues and to advertise campus events. Painting on the Rock must be in good taste and conform to the expectations Albion holds as an academic institution. No mention of alcohol may occur in advertising on the Rock for events. 

Only the Rock and its pedestal may be painted. Individuals or groups painting the rock should refrain from painting the outer circular sidewalk area, so as not to create a situation where wet paint is tracked into nearby buildings. Painting and/or graffiti of any kind is not permitted on other College property including sidewalks (except for chalk markings), streets, buildings, and plantings. Any costs incurred in cleaning/repairing/replacing such surfaces, including the outer circular sidewalk area around the Rock will be billed to the responsible individual(s) or group(s).

While the Rock cannot be reserved, groups should attempt to coordinate efforts so that all who wish may have an opportunity to use the Rock.

Sheet Signs

The sheet sign wall exists between the Kellogg Center and Robinson Hall for the display of sheet signs. Sheet signs must be in good taste and conform to expectations that Albion holds as an academic institution. No mention of alcohol may occur in advertised events. While spaces on the wall cannot be reserved, individuals and groups should attempt to coordinate efforts so that all who wish may have an opportunity to use the sheet sign wall. Sheet signs may not be displayed in other campus locations unless granted special permission by the Campus Programs and Organizations Office.

Organizations are responsible for taking down their signs in a timely manner. If signs are left hanging for long periods of time, College staff retains the right to remove.

Scholarship and Academic Achievement

The first and foremost priority of Albion College is academic excellence. Helping members achieve academic excellence is also a primary objective of the Greek community. Each fraternity and sorority places strong emphasis on academic performance. Also, Gamma Sigma Alpha, a national academic Greek honor society, is a Greek organization on campus working to further that goal. As a result of all of these efforts, the Greek grade point average consistently remains at or above the all-campus average!

Academic Reports

pdfSpring 2017 Academic Report

Fall 2016 Academic Report

pdfSpring 2016 Academic Report

pdfFall 2015 Academic Report

pdfSpring 2015 Academic Report

pdfFall 2014 Academic Report

pdfSpring 2014 Academic Report

pdfFall 2013 Academic Report

pdfSpring 2013 Academic Report

pdf Spring 2011 Academic Report

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pdf Fall 2009 Academic Report

Greek Reports

pdfSpring 2017 Greek Report

Fall 2016 Greek Report

pdfSpring 2016 Greek Report

pdfFall 2015 Greek Report

pdfSpring 2015 Greek Report

pdfFall 2014 Greek Report

pdfSpring 2014 Greek Report

pdfFall 2013 Greek Report

Room Reservations

All events, activities, and meetings (excluding academic classes) are to be scheduled with the Assistant Director of the Kellogg Center. This includes campus spaces and facilities such as the Kellogg Center, Goodrich Chapel, Campus Quadrangle, and the Dow Center to name a few. In some cases, checks will need to occur with various representatives who oversee certain facilities.

The Assistant Director will facilitate that process and will be back in communication with the person trying to make the reservations to let that individual know if the space is avaialbe. There are a few exceptions where you will have to contact other people directly, but the Assistant Director will be happy to refer you in those circumstances.

Make a Reservation

To make a room reservation call the Assistant Director at 517/629-0336. The best time to call is between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. You may also request assistance through e-mail at .

Briton Bash

Event Details

Briton Bash will be held Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 from 4:30 PM until 7:30 PM on the Campus Quadrangle.  Featured at the event is Albion College's Student Organizations.  New and returning students will have the opportunity to explore the opportunities provided by membership in these organizations. 

In case of rain the event will take place in Upper Baldwin.

Picnic Dinner

Dining and Hospitality Services will be providing a campus picnic during the Briton Bash. All students, including non-board students, can eat at the picnic for free with your Albion College ID.  Additionally, all faculty, staff and their families can eat for free too. Baldwin Hall will not be open for dinner this evening.

For employees wishing to bring guests, you will be able to purchase meals with Dining and Hospitality Services at the picnic. The price for guests will be $6.36 for each additional guest.

Organization Participation

Participation in Briton Bash is reserved for current Albion College Clubs and Organizations, Interests Groups recognized by Campus Programs and Organizations and Albion College Departments / Programs.  Due to limited resources, Briton Bash cannot accommodate outside parties, such as community orgainzations, businesses, politicial candidates and other similar organizations/causes.


All registered student organizations, interest groups, and are invited to participate. Registration can be found here.

Registration for academic or campus departments can found here.

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