Refer a Student

You know all about the life-changing opportunities that an Albion education provides. Why not share them with a prospective student?

Consider your family, neighbors, friends, children of co-workers, members of your religious community, civic groups, and others. However, it doesn't have to end with the referral! We ask that you actively recruit your student, offer support throughout the search process, recommend a campus visit, and encourage the student to apply for admission.

Do you refer often, or would you like to keep track of your student's admission progress? Please become a referrer by completing the online application. You will receive an email with login instructions shortly after submitting the form.

Are you new to referring or plan to refer just one student? Please use this form.

For More Information

For questions about the referral program please contact Corey Grazul by calling 800/858-6770 or by email at .

Volunteer Opportunities

The Albion College shield above the fireplace inside Bonta Admission Center.Become an Admission Ambassador

As an Albion College alum or a parent of a current Albion student (or both!), you can play a special role in the work of the Admission Office.

Your connection to Albion already runs deep, and one of the best ways to show it is by reaching out to the next class of Albion students and their families. Your perspective and passion can make a profound difference in a student's decision to choose Albion.

You can make an impact in a number of ways:

  • Refer a prospective student

  • Host a prospective student event at your home or in your area.

  • Represent Albion at a local college fair.

  • Attend a recruitment event in your area to meet and encourage prospective students and families.

  • Offer helpful information about local high schools and community programs to your area's admission counselor.

  • Provide personal outreach via a phone call or email to admitted students in your area.

Are you in? We hope so! Get things started by completing our volunteer form below , and an Admission Office representative will be in touch with you promptly. If you have questions about the program, call the Admission Office at 800/858-6770.

We look forward to hearing from—and working with—you!

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Profile: Karen (Pugh) Kline, ’83


Karen Kline, '83, Kevin Kline, '81
Karen Kline, '83, Kevin Kline, '81

For as long as she can remember, Karen (Pugh) Kline, ’83 was immersed in all things Albion. As a child, she would stumble upon her father’s Albion sweatshirt that was neatly folded in his dresser. And like all little girls that love to play with their mother’s treasures, Karen remembers the Kappa Delta pin that sparkled in her mother’s jewelry box. She grew up in a family where stories of formal dances and band concerts were shared around the dinner table, and her son now makes up the third generation to march with the British Eighth. It’s no wonder that Karen describes Albion College as a part of the fabric of her family.

Karen’s ties to Albion don’t just end with memories, or of watching her son march in the band at football games. Just as Albion is an important part of her life, she too is an important part of Albion. Karen serves on the Parent Leadership Council and is highly involved as an Admission Ambassador. “My involvement with Albion as an alumna is not dissimilar to being a good hostess in my home,” Karen said. “I want others to be able to share the Albion College experience, feel welcome in the community and of course, get a great education and launch into the world!”

There are many ways to be involved as an Admission Ambassador. Some of Karen’s favorite aspects are sharing her personal experiences with prospective students and their families, in addition to participating in recruitment events. These events can range from attending a college fair in her hometown, or speaking to guests at an Admission Open House hosted at a local restaurant or in someone’s home. By welcoming each person with a smile and enthusiasm, Karen said she hopes to help them realize that, “With our small campus, each student not only counts, but is counted as important and special.”

Karen is also looking forward to participating in the new Referral Program, which allows a student to receive $1,000 scholarship for four years in the alumnus or alumna’s name if a referral is made and the student attends Albion. “The Referral Program allows the Admission Staff to introduce Albion College to those students that I know would be a perfect fit,” Karen said. “This is a great way for me to share Albion College with some wonderful high school students in a way that is natural and comfortable.”

Describing herself as one that bleeds purple and gold, Karen uses her strengths to give back to Albion in tangible ways as an Ambassador. She changes lives by helping students see the value of the Albion Advantage and by comforting parents with the reassurance that Albion will take good care of them. “For parents who have children already on campus, I generally just give them a hug. After all, we are family.”

For more information on how you can get involved as an Admission Ambassador, visit the Admission Ambassador page or call the Office of Admission at 800/858-6770.

Profile: Todd Krost, ’00

Todd Krost, '00, with his family

For Todd Krost, ’00, the Alumni/Parent Referral Program recently launched by Albion College’s Office of Admission was an ideal way to make connections—not just between prospective students and his alma mater, but between him and his new community of Neoga, Illinois, about an hour south of Champaign.

“I had only been in town a month when I received the mailing, and this ties me to students and their college journey,” said Krost, a pastor at Neoga Grace United Methodist Church and nearby Etna United Methodist Church. “It gives me a personal connection with the families and their college search in general. I am glad I can start this conversation.”

Through the program, referred students who enroll at Albion receive a $1,000 scholarship for four years in the alumnus or alumna’s name, with no financial obligation necessary. Soon after learning about the program, Krost mentioned it to two high school students in his church, and found that the scholarship resonated.

Krost, his wife, Christina Corace Krost, ’02, and their family live in rural Illinois, "and there is little awareness of the existence—let alone the advantages—of small liberal arts colleges like Albion,” he said. “Rather than sending their children to the ‘default university’ several miles down the road, these families will now give Albion some consideration. And it makes it less intimidating for them to look at a college two states away, knowing that my wife and I are alums, and that there is this scholarship opportunity.”

For more information about the Alumni/Parent Referral Program, visit or call the Office of Admission at 800/858-6770.

Profile: Robinson Regen

Robinson Regen

When flying from Nashville, Tennessee to Detroit for their son’s first visit to Albion College, Robinson Regen and her family thought that they would make a trip to the Midwest and never come back. What they didn’t know was how much they would fall in love with the campus and the impressive Held Equestrian Center, not to mention the “adorable black squirrels” that run across the lawn.

They had one requirement for their son, Jackson, when it came to furthering his education, and that was that the college he selected had to be based on the liberal arts. He chose to come to Albion, and Robinson has been making referrals ever since.

Robinson knows firsthand how important a word-of-mouth referral to Albion College can be. It all started in the summer of 2008, when Jesha Marcy-Quay, ’11, came to Nashville to be a student worker mentoring under their horse trainer.

“Jesha is an impressive young lady who became one of Jackson’s ‘adopted big sisters.’ She is the person responsible for putting Albion College on Jackson’s radar,” Robinson said.

Jackson knew that he wanted to go somewhere different from all of his friends, and there had to be an equestrian facility nearby so that his horse could make the journey into adulthood with him.

Robinson said she’s not only impressed by the fact that the Albion Hunt Seat team is competing against strong Division I schools, but that, “from a parent’s point of view, the best part of the program is that it’s open to the entire student body, from first-time riders to those that have ridden for years.”

Combining her love for Albion College and her passion for horses, for the past two years Robinson has personally called all of the out-of-state prospective students who have expressed an interest in the equestrian program. Seeing the new referral program as a game-changer, she references the $1,000 referral-program scholarship in order to shift the entire dynamic of a conversation by breaking down the stereotype that liberal arts colleges are too expensive. “The referral program is like a magic ice-breaker for parents who are unsure of how to help guide their students,” Robinson said. “It makes it easier to share the intrinsic value of a liberal arts education.”

Not everyone can donate $1,000 for a scholarship, but the beauty of the referral program is that you simply have to make the referral for the student to receive a scholarship in your name. Robinson personally challenges alumni and parents to refer at least one prospective student within the next year.

As for herself, she will continue to serve on the Parent Leadership Council and make as many referrals as she can in an effort to have a positive impact on the lives of the upcoming generation of scholars.

“In today’s society, critical thinking, logic, and understanding the interconnectivity of the world around us is vital,” she said. “A liberal arts education will do this, but you have to take it one step further and go to a school that truly cares about its students and values its alumni. Albion continues to prove that it really does. The education the college has to offer is as unique as you are.”

For more information, visit the Referral Program page or call the Admission Office at 800-858-6770.

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