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Hearing and Grievance Committee

2015-2016 Members

Mary Collar (1)

Mick McRivette (1)

Scott Melzer (1)

Peter Valdina (1)

John Carlson (2)

Vanessa McCaffrey (2)

Clayton Parr (2)

Nicolle Zellner (2)

Deborah Kanter (3)

Jeremy Kirby (3)

Ken Saville (3)

Lynn Verduzco-Baker (3)


Academic Affairs

Office of the Provost

In many ways, the Office of the Provost is guardian of the College's academic mission as a learning-centered institution. Academic Affairs at Albion College includes the following: faculty personnel and faculty development, academic programs, academic standards and skills, athletics, the libraries, career services, and international and off-campus programs. The Office of the Provost also has primary responsibility for the curriculum of the College.

Academic Affairs Staff 2017-2018

  • Marc Roy
    Professor of Biology

  • John W. Woell
    Associate Provost
    Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Dianne Guenin-Lelle
    Associate Provost for Advising and Assessment
    Professor of French

  • Andrew Dunham
    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar

  • Lori Duff
    Assistant to the Provost

Academic Affairs Discussion Board

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Department Chairs & Program Directors

  • Scott Melzer, Anthropology & Sociology

  • Michael Dixon, Art & Art History

  • Kenneth Saville, Biology

  • Cliff Harris, Chemistry

  • Karen Erlandson, Communication Studies

  • Gregory Saltzman, Economics & Management

  • Kyle Shanton, Education

  • Danit Brown, English

  • Michael Dixon, Ethnic Studies

  • Beth & Tim Lincoln, Geological Sciences

  • Deborah Kanter, History

  • Bindu Madhok, International Studies

  • Bob Moss, Kinesiology

  • Mark Bollman, Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Emmanuel Yewah, Modern Languages & Cultures

  • Maureen Balke, Music

  • Jeremy Kirby, Philosophy

  • Charles Moreau, Physics

  • Carrie Walling, Political Science

  • Holger Elischberger, Psychological Science

  • Jocelyn McWhirter, Religious Studies

  • Zach Fischer, Theatre

  • Scott Melzer, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

  • Scott Hendrix, Academic Skills Center

  • Karla McCavit, Quantitative Skills Center

  • Pamela Schwartz, Learning Support Services

  • Barry Wolf, FYE Student Mentoring & Academic Success Program

  • Laurel Draudt, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business & Management

  • Cristen Casey, Center for International Education

  • Ian MacInnes, Foundation for Undergraduate Reserach, Scholarship & Creative Activity (FURSCA)

  • Karen Hoaglin, Liaison for the Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development

  • Patrick McLean, Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service

  • E. Dale Kennedy, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program

  • Doug White, Center for Sustainability and the Environment (interim director)

  • Brad Rabquer, Institute for Healthcare Professions

  • David Green, Whitehouse Nature Center

  • Troy, Kase, Career & Internship Center

Institutional Review Board

2015-2016 Members

Lynne Chytilo (chair)

Harry Bonner

Brad Chase

Drew Christopher

Holger Elischberger

Karen Erlandson

Eric Hill

Ruth Schmitter

Lynn Verduzco-Baker

Mareike Wieth

John Woell (ex-officio)

For more information, please see the IRB web site.

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