Students can enroll online to receive their student refunds directly deposited into their bank checking or savings account. No need to wait for a paper check to arrive up to three weeks after school starts. eRefunds can be processed as early as the day after the drop/add period ends. Students will receive e-mail notification when their eRefund has been processed and will know when their eRefund will be deposited into their account.

How to Enroll**

1. Go to the ACIS home page to access your account.
2. Log in using your ACIS ID and PIN.
3. Click on Student Information.
4. Click on On Line Account Access.
5. Click on Online Bill & Payment. This will take you away from ACIS to the e-Bill system hosted by TouchNet. This is a secure site.
6. Click on the Create a Refund Profile tab under Quick View.
7. Click on Payment Profile. From there you will be directed to set up you bank account information.
8. Click on the drop down menu and select ‘Electronic Check (Checking) and click on Go.
9. On the Bank Account Information page enter all of the fields and make sure to check the box next to Refund Option. (Please note that only one bank account can be designated to receive refunds).
10. Once you have completed the form and reviewed the accuracy of the account information provided, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.
11. If you have already saved a payment profile and this is the account you want your refund to go to then all you need to do is check the Refund Option box.

NOTE: It may take up to five business days for your designated account to be verified and available for eRefunds.

 ** eRefunds can only be designated to an account in the student’s payment profile. This feature is not available to other authorized users.

*** Special Note:  Refunds must still requested by the student and verified at the Accounitng Office. Refunds may be requested in person at the Accounting Office or by sending an email to . This e-mail should include the student name, student ID number and a brief statement requesting the refund. The refund should be in the student's bank account within 48 hours after processing the request.

Tuition and Fees

2017-2018 Academic Year

The tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 academic year were set by the Board of Trustees at the February 2017 meeting. Outlined below are those fees.


Fall 2017

Spring 2018


Tuition $ 21,280.00

$ 21,280.00

$ 42,560.00
Housing** 2,995.00 2,995.00 5,990.00
Board 3,110.00 3,110.00 6,220.00
Activity Fee 245.00 245.00 490.00
Total $ 27,620.00 $ 27,620.00 $ 55,260.00
Matriculation 185.00 0.00 185.00

**The housing charge is for a regular double occupancy room. See below for other housing charges.

Matriculation Fee/Readmission Fee: A one-time matriculation fee of $185.00 is paid by all matriculating students for administrative and processing costs. Readmitted students are also required to pay a $75.00 readmission fee. Both are non-refundable.

Application Fee (Non-Refundable) 40.00
Readmittance Fee 75.00
General Deposit 350.00

Payable upon receiving notice of admission to assure a place in the enrolling class, $200.00 will be credited to the first semester general fees for matriculating students. For students accepted for the first semester, entrance deposits are required by May 1. For students accepted for the second semester, entrance deposits are required by November 15. Entering students who cancel enrollment after May 1 and prior to August 1 for the first semester and after November 15 and prior to December 15 for second semester will receive a partial refund of $50.00. Partial refunds will not be made after August 1 and December 15 for the respective semesters. See Refunds section for details regarding return of the general deposit to students who have already been enrolled.

Textbooks and Supplies: There are no standard fees for textbooks and supplies. However, every student must plan to purchase such items in addition to the expenses listed above. Books and supplies range from $900.00 to $1,000.00 per year for the average Albion student.

Summer 2017 Tuition and Fees

Other Educational Fees  (per semester, where applicable ) - 2017-2018

Tuition: Each 1/4 unit (below 3 units or above 4.5 units) 1,800.00
Late Enrollment Fee: First Day 30.00
Each additional day 15.00
Tuition for Auditors (per 1/4 unit) 450.00
Equestrian - Group Riding Lessons 810.00
Equestrian - Individual Riding Lessons 1,040.00
Off Campus Study Program Application Fee 60.00
Off Campus Study Administration Fee (per semester) 1,440.00
Non-college Housing Fee (per semester) 780.00

Music Fees

Private Music Lesson Fees

Music Lesson fees - 1/4 unit (1/2 hour lesson per week) 260.00
Music Lesson fees - 1/2 unit (1 hour lesson per week) 520.00

Students declaring a music major (and demonstrating this intention by being enrolled in the music classes appropriate to the music major curriculum) will receive at no additional cost up to 1/2 unit of private lessons per semester. All other students must pay the full applied music fee for lessons.

Refunds: Students who drop private music lessons after the drop/add period will receive no refund. Students dropping lessons during the drop/add period will be charged $50.00 per scheduled lesson.

Board Fees: (2 semesters unless otherwise indicated) - 2017-2018

Residential Block Meal Plans

Enjoy carry-out, dine-in and late-night dining at Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, Read Between the Grinds and The Dub Box (take out is available in lower Baldwin provided you have an Albion College approved take out container).

15 Block Board Plan - includes 15 meals (card swipes) per week that can be used in Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, The Grinds and the Dub Box with carry-out options; $100.00 Dining Dollars ($50.00 per semester), and 4 Guest Passes 6,220.00
18 Block Board Plan - includes 18 meals (card swipes) per week that can be used in Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, The Grinds and the Dub Box with carry-out options; $150.00 Dining Dollars ($75.00 per semester), and 4 Guest Passes 6,310.00
21 Block Board Plan - includes 21 meals (card swipes) per week that can be used in Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, The Grinds and the Dub Box with carry-out options; $300.00 Dining Dollars ($150.00 per semester), and 4 Guest Passes 6,470.00
Commuter - 75 meals (75 card swipes per semester) 2,080.00
Commuter Purple - 100 meals (100 card swipes per semester) 2,650.00
Commuter Gold - 125 meals (125 card swipes per semester) 3,230.00
Weekender Meal Plan - 5 meals (5 card swipes per weekend) 1,100.00

Students who feel they are in need of any special accommodations with the Board Plan should contact the Office of Residential Life.

Deadline for changing a meal plan selection with the Residential Life Office is 5:00 pm on the tenth class day of each semester. 

***The Fees below are Housing Fees only and do not include the cost of the Meal Plan. The Meal Plan is an additional cost.

***All Housing Fees are for Regular Double Rooms unless noted.


Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall (Double Room w/roommate) 5,990.00
Wesley Hall (Single Room) 7,750.00
Wesley Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 8,250.00

Seaton Hall

Seaton Hall (Double Room w/roommate) 5,990.00
Seaton Hall (Single Room) 7,750.00
Seaton Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 8,250.00

Whitehouse Hall

Whitehouse Hall (Double Room w/roommate) 6,340.00
Whitehouse Hall (Single Room) 8,110.00
Whitehouse Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 8,610.00

Mitchell Towers

Mitchell Towers (Double Room w/ roommate) 6,340.00
Mitchell Towers (Single Room) 8,110.00
Mitchell Towers (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 8,610.00

Fiske House

Fiske House (Double Room w/roommate) 5,990.00
Fiske House (Single Room) 7,750.00
Fiske House (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 8,250.00

Ingham Hall

Ingham Hall (Double Room w/roommate) 6,340.00
Ingham Hall (Single Room) 8,110.00
Ingham Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 8,610.00


Students who do not live in the Residence Halls (Fraternity Houses, Apartments, Dean Hall and Commuters) are not required to purchase a College Meal Plan. However, residents of these buildings may purchase a meal plan including the Weekender and Commuter meal plans.


Double Room w/roommate


Double Room w/single occupancy


Power Suite



Dean Hall

Dean Hall (Double Room w/roommate) 7,120.00
Dean Hall (Single Room) 8,870.00
Dean Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 9,390.00

Burns Street Apartments

Burns St Apts (Double Room w/roommate) 7,082.00
Burns St Apts (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 9,370.00
Burns St Apts (Efficiency w/roommate) 6,622.00
Burns St Apts (Efficiency Efficiency as Single Occupancy) 8,760.00
Burns St Apts (Family Living per month) 1,150.00

Briton Apartments

Briton Apts (Double Room) 7,720.00
Briton Apts (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 9,990.00


507 Erie Street Apartment

507 Erie Street (Double Room) 8,660.00
507 Erie Street (Single) 10,440.00
507 Erie (Double-Single - double room used as single occupancy) 10,950.00


416 Erie Street Apartments 

416 Erie Street (Double Room) 8,660.00
416 Erie Street (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 10,950.00

Mae Harrison Karro Residential Village (The Mae)

The Mae (Double Room w/roommate) 8,660.00
The Mae (Single Room) 10,440.00
The Mae (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 10,950.00


Munger Annex

Munger Annex (Double Room w/roommate)                         8,660.00
Munger Annex (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 10,950.00


Munger Apartments

Munger Apartments (Double Room w/roommate)                 8,660.00
Munger Apartments (Single) 10,440.00
Munger Apartments (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy) 10,950.00


Special Fees

Albion 1Card ID replacement 5.00
Automobile Registration (per Year)(All Students) 300.00
Replacement of lost room key 90.00
Replacement of lost Mail Box key 30.00
Diploma replacement with cover 40.00
Special student admission (non-refundable) 10.00
CLEP Credit 1/2 Tuition

e-Bill Login

The Albion College Information System (ACIS) provides access to many administrative functions for students, faculty and staff. These include course registration, payment of bills, access to grades, and acceptance of financial aid awards.

The following link requires an ACIS ID and PIN to log in. If you have problems logging into the ACIS, please contact the Registrar's office.

Student Login:  ACIS Secure Login

Authorized User Setup

The link below is for authorized users to log in. It does not require an ACIS ID and password. However it does require that the authorized be set up by the student.

Parent/Guardian Login: Authorized User Login

Billing Information

Important Student Billing Information


Legally your student bill is your responsibility; it is not the responsibility of your parent(s) or guardian(s). While your parent(s) or guardian(s) may be making payments on your behalf, the responsibility to make sure that these obligations are met in a timely manner is yours alone. Any repercussions from failure to fulfil your obligation will directly affect you personally.

TouchNet e-Bill

Albion College provides a convenient on-line system (TouchNet) for tracking student account information and making payments for your tuition and fees. You will also receive e-mail notifications via your Albion College e-mail and have access to make online payments via e-check or credit card as well. (Albion does not issue paper billing statements.) You may also make payments at the cashier window in the Accounting Office in Ferguson Hall Monday through Friday 8:15am-4:45pm.

Legally your individual account is private. If your parent(s) or guardian(s) will be making payments on your behalf, it is your responsibility to add them as an "authorized user" within the TouchNet e-Bill system. "Authorized users", when added, will receive e-mail notifications billings and will have the ability to make on-line payments via an e-check or credit card. Instructions on setting up an "authoized user" may be found at the following website: The "authorized user" status will only grant your parent(s) or guardian(s) access to your billing information.

Parent Communications with respect to Billings and Financial Aid

As stated above you, the student, are the primary contact with respect to your College billing and financial aid. You may allow your parent(s) or guardian(s) to speak to College representatives about billing and financial aid issues by adding your parent(s) or guardian(s) as authorized-users in the TouchNet e-Bill system. This permission is required under the federal FERPA law. 

Billing Rules

We will allow you to set your own payment arrangements within the terms listed below:

Fall Semester Due Dates

August 20                       Your account must be paid in full or you must be enrolled in a payment plan.


Spring Semester Due Dates

January 15                        Your account must be paid in full or you must be enrolled in a payment plan. 


Time Charges

You may choose to pay your account in full or in part and/or enroll in a TouchNet or Higher One payment plan. Any portion of the account that is unpaid or not enrolled in a pyament plan will be subject to time charges. The time charges are calculated at 1.25% each month non-payment plan charges are outstanding. The time charge applies to non-payment plan balances after August 20 (for fall semester) and January 15 (for spring semester). This would include any balances as a result of incomplete financial aid including loans. For new semester charges; you will have one billing cycle to pay these charges before a time charge is assessed. After the initial billing cycle, all non-payment plan charges will be subject to time charges as described above.

Disputed Charges

You will have one billing cycle to resolve disputed charges. Items such as library fines and parking fines must be resolved with the charging department (aka the Library or Campus Safety or any other department that generated the disputed charge). Please contact the Accounting Office at 517-629-0507 if you need assistance in determining who to contact and we will provide you with the correct contact information.

In-Semester Charges and Changes

Changes often occur mid-semester, e.g. students change room assignments, incur miscellaneous charges and/or drop/add classes in the drop/add period. Changes on your bill resulting from these items will be given one billing cycle to be paid in full before time charges are assessed.


If you have a balance on your account after October 15 (fall semester) or March 15 (spring semester) a hold will be placed on your account. A hold restricts your ability to register for future semesters and receive or forward transcripts.

If you have a balance at the conclusion of the semester you will be withdrawn and will be required to apply for readmission to the College. Withdrawal for failure to fulfil your financial responsibility may result in your needing to provide assurance that future bills will be paid in a timely manner. Readmission may be dependent upon satisfactory payment arrangements for future billings.

Financial Aid

All financial aid requirements should be met prior to August 1 for the August 20 payment due date or January 1 for the January 15 due date. This includes requirements for all internal and external aid as well as student loans. Exceptions would be requested verification of your enrollment by a third party or late admission to the College. The College gives one billing cycle to resolve enrollment verification issues. After that cycle, the College will assess time charges according to the rules described above. Selection for Federal verification for financial aid purposes will not prevent time charges on items pended as a result of the federal verification.

Pending Financial Aid

Please review billing items listed as "memo items" on your bill carefully. The College cannot post Federal funds (aid and /or loans) to your student account until 10 days prior to the start of the semester, items listed on your bill as "memo items" after August 10 and January 5  indicate that some action is necessary by you, the student. "Memo items" do not reduce your balance when assessing time charges so failure to act on these items will result in additional cost to you.

TouchNet Monthly Payment Plan (administered by Albion College)

The TouchNet plans enable you to pay your Albion College fees in  monthly installments without time charges on the balances within the agreement. Participation is on a semester basis. The cost is a $25.00 per semester enrollment fee. The deadline to enroll in a TouchNet payment plan is January 15 for spring, and August 20 for fall.

Please log into the TouchNet website,, for more information and to sign up under the "Payment Plans" tab. 

Higher One Monthly Payment Plan (Formerly Sallie Mae)

The Higher One plan enables you to pay all or part of your Albion College fees in monthly installments without interest charges. The plan may also be used to supplement all other forms of financial aid such as grants, loans and/or scholarships. Participation is on an annual or semester basis. The  cost is a $55.00 enrollment fee for the academic year, or a $35.00 enrollment fee for one semester. The deadline to enroll in the Higher One payment plan is January 15 for spring, and August 20 for fall.

Please visit the Higher One website,, for further information and to sign up on-line.

Payment for Students on Off Campus Programs

Payment requirements for students participating in Off-Campus Programs are different than for on-campus students.

  • Payment in full for the semester is required before the student leaves for the Off-Campus program or by the due date on the semester bill whichever is sooner. (An exception to this is certain Australia Off-Campus programs that start in mid July; payment for these programs is expected by the due date on the bill).
  • Payment Plans are not permitted for any Off-Campus Programs.
  • Students must make sure that all Federal loan requirements are completed prior to their departure so that loan funds will be disbursed on time. Alternative loans and PLUS loans should be initiated far enough in advance so that they disburse on or prior to the Off-Campus Program due date.
  • Please see the Off-Campus Programs Handbook for other information.
  • Billing information can be reviewed at:

Past Due Accounts

Currently enrolled students having greater than a $1,500.00 indebtedness to the college are not permitted to enroll for the next semester's classes.

No diploma, cerificate, transcript, semester grade report, letter of honorable dismissal, or letter of recommendation will be granted to former students who have an indebtedness to the College.

The College reserves the right to increase or decrease fees and charges. Published notice of any change will be given in advance.

Authorized Users

In addition to student's receiving notification of new balance activity, students have the ability to add "authorized users" to their account - typically parents or guardians. Authorized users will also receive email notification of new balance activity. Additionally, authorized users can make online payments with a credit credit card or e-Check.

Students can add an authorized user to their account by completing the following steps:

  1. Visit the ACIS Web site.
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area.
  3. Log into ACIS using your ACIS user I.D. and PIN.
  4. Click on the Student Tab.
  5. Click on the TouchNet Online Account Access box.
  6. Click on Online Bill + Payment. This will take you away from ACIS to the e-Bill system hosted by TouchNet. This is a secure site.
  7. Click on the Authorized Users Tab.
  8. Click on the Add Authorized User bar.
  9. Enter the email address of the user you would like to authorize to view your account statements and make payments to your account.
  10. Click on Continue.
  11. Agree to the terms.
  12. Click on Continue. 
  13. The new authorized user will receive an email providing instructions and a temporary password. The user must log in to set up a profile and change the password for the e-Bill system to begin sending notifications.
  14. Please add  to your email contacts to ensure notifications do not go to your spam folder.

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