August 2010


Catherine Sprouse  - Dining & Hospitality Services is pleased to announce Catherine Sprouse as our August 2010 Employee of the Month.  Catie has proven her many talents over the summer as she was instrumental in helping to complete the facelift of Lower Baldwin Dining Hall.  She even surprised herself when she started whirling that paintbrush!  Oh, the skills we don't even realize we have sometimes!  One thing that's for sure though, is Catie's ability to bring a smile and quick service to the students at the Eat Shop Café.  An employee with the department since 1999, we would like to thank Catie for her dedication and service and look forward to seeing her smiling face for many more years to come.




Tracy Markovich has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month.  Tracy is a Maintenance/Technician IV and works with the boiler plant and steam distribution systems.  Universally known as an exceptionally hard worker, Tracy works every day to make sure that the central heating plant operates at peak efficiency.  He is being particularly recognized for his recent work in the "big dig."  Before school opening it was essential to trench across Hannah St. to replace a leaking steam condensate line.  Condensate is steam condensed to hot water once it has given off its usable heat in the change from gas to liquid.  It is essential for boiler efficiency to reclaim as much condensate as possible.  As part of his job to maintain boiler efficiency, Tracy worked for several days doing whatever was necessary from shoveling to pipefitting to directing traffic to see that the "big dig" was completed on time.  Thank you Tracy for all you do behind the scenes every day. 



Pat Miller  - We are pleased to acknowledge Patricia Miller, Administrative Employee of the Month for August, 2010.  Pat is the Associate Director of Dining & Hospitality Services and is responsible for catering, events, conferences, and lodging.  With hundreds of on-campus events annually, Pat and her staff are an integral part of the success of Albion College.  While serving the College for over thirty years, Pat continues to demonstrate her willingness to learn and experiment with new ideas and initiatives.  For example, Pat has shown her commitment to our learning-centered college by engaging in the sustainability theme.  This August, Pat planned extensively for the faculty welcome dinner, which will feature twenty-four Michigan-made and Michigan-grown products from sixteen locations, primarily within seventy miles of Albion. 




September 2010


Mike Rathbun  is no stranger to crazy situations that Stock Room Attendants sometimes must often endure.  Recently, Mike was responsible for setting up a basketball recruit tailgate event.  The day began very nice, not a cloud in the sky.  Mike set up the tailgate at the Ferguson lot as requested.  All at once, the skies got dark and the rain came in droves.  Well, obviously the tailgate would not go on at Ferguson.  Mike, being the diligent worker that he is, went back and took down the tailgate without being asked and moved everything to the Dow Center out of the weather.  Mike is receiving this award for his positive attitude toward this event and the professional patience he showed this day in dealing with this uncontrollable situation.  Coach Jody May nominated Mike for this award.    




Shahid Malik  - Technical Administrator, has been nominated as the Employee of the Month.  Shahid is the primary person behind the maintenance and programming of the Cisco Call Manager PBX, the XIBO digital signage system, the video surveillance system, and other systems on campus.  In September, Shahid worked hand in hand to assist Campus Safety in the resolution of a security issue by pulling data from multiple systems  Additionally, Shahid is a patient trainer of other staff on our systems, and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you Shahid for all that you do to ensure the communications, security, and other systems we have on campus run smoothly and meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. 





Mitch Kyser  is the seniority leader in the Systems & Networking department, joining the college in 1984.  During his time in IT, he has been the technical lead for two email system transitions (from the Alpha to GroupWise, and from GroupWise to Google Mail) and has been instrumental in many other "behind the scenes" activities in IT.  In his current role of Network Administrator, Mitch has been the technical lead for our server virtualization project.  This project has allowed IT to consolidate servers and space, which reduces our need for power and cooling and saves the college money.  He is currently working on desktop virtualization so we can reap these same benefits at the desktop, and is assisting with our new Banner Document Imaging System (BDMS), all while continuing the daily management of our server infrastructure.  Thanks, Mitch! 




November 2010


Linda Clark  - Dining & Hospitality Services is pleased to announce Linda Clark as our November 2010 Employee of the Month.  Linda has been with the department since August 1995 and has proven to be a critical team member.  Her vast knowledge and skill has proven itself over and over, particularly with a recent event.  Upon Linda learning that an event was 3 hours earlier than scheduled, Linda jumped into hyper gear and took charge.  Her coordination and quick thinking ensured that the event went on without a hitch; in fact many guests did not even notice a thing was wrong!  We are glad and proud to have Linda as a part of our team and look forward to many more years and events with her as a key part of the team. 





Ron Wright  has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month.  Ron was hired as a Painter and is the newest of our maintenance workers having only been with the College since May 2010.  Almost immediately upon his arrival we have had staff shortages requiring him to fill in elsewhere.  Among other things he has been the Building Maintenance Worker in Wesley Hall and assisted with problems in Munger Place.  He has done an excellent job filling in and exhibited a wide range of maintenance abilities.  He has also done an admirable job with his original job, painting.  Thank you Ron for your hard work and versatility in helping out wherever necessary.






Danielle Menteer, associate director of the Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center since July 2007, is our Employee of the Month for November.  She serves as a riding instructor for the Center's programs and is the coach for Albion College's Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) equestrian team, which she has led to the National Finals in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Her vast experience and skill in the equine industry give her a great edge while supervising the Held Center horses, students and staff.  During the show season, she also competes on one of the Held Center school horses at dressage competitions at the FEI levels.  Danielle consistently goes over and above with the effort and time she puts in at the Held Center.  She concentrates on helping students and horses, working tirelessly to host the many events at the Center, coordinating activities, and assisting in the development of the programs and facilities.  Thanks for all that you do, Danielle!







October 2010


Cheryl Wint  - Dining & Hospitality Services is pleased to announce Cheryl Wint as our October, 2010 Employee of the Month.  Cheryl has worked for us since September, 2003 and has been eagerly serving students, staff, and guests ever since.  Mostly known for her service in Lower Baldwin dining hall, Cheryl is also a regular server for our catered events, making her an extremely positive asset department-wide.  Cheryl has been chosen as Employee of the Month for her dedication to service with a smile, her willingness to take on extra responsibilities on her own initiative, her creative touch in decorating for and securing outside resources for our special themed events, her attention to detail, and so much more!  Cheryl reminds us of Mama from Mama's Family with her genuinely caring nature, only she's a lot less grouchy in her delivery.  ☺So, from our family to you, Cheryl, thanks for all that you do! 




Doug Jones  has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month.  Doug is a Maintenance/Technician and the point person for any maintenance work that needs to be done in the Science Complex from hanging white boards to calibrating and balancing air flow in labs.  Doug recently completed over 74 hours of course work with Consumers Energy in energy efficient operation and maintenance of buildings in the electric and HVAC fields, code compliance and indoor air quality.  Doug's proficiency in these areas has earned him The Building Operators Certification credential.  Thank you to Doug for his hard work in serving the needs of those in the Science Complex and congratulations on completing this very important certification.





Kim Butters  is the Administrative employee of the month for October.  Since joining the Accounting office in 2006, Kim has managed the cashier's window.  Whether cashing checks or providing information to students and/or staff, Kim strives to provide her customers with the services and/or information they require.  If she can't provide an answer, she will find someone who can.  Her "be a part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem" attitude serves Albion very well.  We are fortunate to have Kim as part of the College team.





December 2010


Verna Lafayette  - Dining & Hospitality Services is pleased to announce Verna Lafayette as the Employee of the Month for December 2010.  Verna has worked for Albion College since January 2005 and is best known for her reliability, hard work, and job skill.  While she is often hidden away in the back of the house, Verna keeps the gears of our operation running like a well-oiled machine.  Her motivation, drive, and initiative keep her a constant buzz around the dishroom, pot & pan room and laundry room.  Verna definitely helps us maintain a sense of efficiency and quality in the services we provide.  We couldn't ask for much better performance from an employee.  Now if we could only clone her skills...Someone help us tie her down.  Catch her if you can! 





StudentsDec2010Spencer Feraco, BJ Konkle, Devin Underhill and Casen Sharp  - Facilities Operations has received several recommendations to nominate Spencer Feraco, BJ Konkle, Devin Underhill and Casen Sharp for the Employee of the Month Teamwork Award.  These are Albion College students working during the holiday break.  Working together they refinished over 170 tablet arm chairs which had been damaged by wear and graffiti.  Thanks to their hard work these can be back in service for next semester, good as new.  Student employees are an important part of the Facilities Operations maintenance effort and these are an excellent example of what can be accomplished.  Thanks for all you do.


Melinda Kraft joined Information Technology in June, 1999, as the Residential Computing Coordinator.  By July of 2001, she had become an instructional technologist.  In 2008 became the supervisor of that area and in 2010 became the Director.  She has a strong interest in new hardware and software and encourages us to look at new and different technologies. Over the past few years she has developed a strong expertise in web programming, and has been a vital support for the implementation of the College's new web presence.  We appreciate her dedication and diligence in helping us meet this important goal.  Thanks, Melinda. 






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