Personal Menus

To create a new Personal Menu in Banner:

  1. Go to the Personal Menu Maintenance form (GUAPMNU).
  2. Enter each menu item individually.  Type either the full description or the seven-character name in the respective column below user name.
    Please note, menu items can be menus, forms, screens, quick flows, or processes.
  3. When all desired menu items have been entered, click on the save icon in the tool bar.
  4. From the Main Menu, select Personal Menu.

To copy an existing Personal Menu in Banner.

  1. Go to the Personal Menu Maintenace and Copy form (GUTPMNU)
  2. Select the user name for the menu to be copied from the drop down user field.
  3. Enter
  4. F10 or click on the yellow disk icon from the tool bar to save.