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  17. Students: YOU MUST FILL OUT THE STAFF/FACULTY NAME AND EMAIL categories. When you submit your form, an email will be sent to the Staff/Faculty member asking for authorization for you to borrow the equipment. Without this authorization, you will be unable to use sign-out equipment.
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  20. This equipment is intended for College sanctioned use only. By checking out IT sign-out equipment it is understood that it is my department's responsibility to fund any repairs or replacement should damage occur while the device is checked out in my name. I will return this equipment at the time and date specified above. BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM, I AM AGREEING WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT.

If you are not certain what type of equipment you need or how to use it, contact Information Technology by sending an e-mail to .  Instructional Technologists are also available by appointment to assist your needs by contacting .