How to Prepare Your Computer for Albion College

  1. From a non-campus internet connection, run Windows Updates.
  2. If this is the first time you are updating Windows via the web you may be prompted to install some tools on your computer. Install those tools as directed.
  3. Choose Express or Custom Install to scan your system for the necessary updates. We recommend Express unless you are familiar with applying updates. Express will quickly scan for, download, and install only the critical and security updates your computer needs. Custom will scan for optional, critical, and security updates your computer needs, choose from all the updates on the site, and review updates before downloading. In some situations, you may need to run windows updates more than once - it is best to check until it reports no critical updates are available.

Wireless Access Points and Game Boxes are permitted: all devices that connect to the internet must be registered with Information Technology.  See for more information.

Wireless Routers are NOT permitted.  Due to the ability of these devices to broadcast bogus IP addresses and the insecure nature of wireless routers (including Mac AirPorts and AirPort Express), they are not be permitted on campus.