Green Dot for Employees

Graphic that says: What's Your Green Dot?

Check out these proactive Green Dots you can do right now!

Consider that as an employee, you have the ability to shape the College culture. Students are here for 4 years, but employees are often here much longer.

Share about Green Dot on the first day of classes. Use one of the images below in your PowerPoint presentation, and explain your commitment to the Green Dot program.

Green Dot image to use in your email signature






Rectangle green dot banner with blue background for your email signature





Green Dots – All Employees

  • Tell a friend that ending interpersonal violence is important to you
  • Add the phrase “Green Dot Supporter” to your email signature, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat profile
  • Using email, text, or social media send a mass message to your friends/family that violence prevention matters to you
  • Volunteer at S.A.F.E. Place or other related organization
  • Donate to S.A.F.E. Place or other related organization
  • Believe that violence against men/women is unacceptable and say it out loud
  • Speak up when you hear comments that are offensive, derogatory, or abusive
  • Don’t laugh at sexist or homophobic jokes
  • Attend a program, event, or webinar designed to raise awareness about interpersonal violence
  • Refuse to fund sexist movies, music, books, companies, or magazines
  • Follow @AlbionGreenDot on Twitter and Instagram
  • Have a conversation with a younger person who looks up to you about how important it is to help end violence
  • Have a conversation with at least two people in your life about Green Dot and why it is important to you
  • Contribute to the campus Green Dot map
  • Encourage friends/colleagues to contribute to the campus Green Dot map
  • Request a Green Dot presentation at your next staff meeting or training
  • Attend an Employee Overview Session
  • Host a fundraiser for your local domestic violence shelter or rape crisis center
  • Challenge friends/co-workers to do more green dots
  • Hang a Green Dot poster in your work space (request free posters from [email protected])
  • Wear a Green Dot pin/button (request free pins/buttons from [email protected])
  • Make an announcement at a group or organization you work with about Green Dot
  • If you are concerned that someone you now might be a victim of violence, gently ask if you can help
  • Educate yourself on available confidential and non-confidential resources for relationship violence on campus

Green Dots – Faculty

  • Educate yourself on signs of potential abuse or violence and respond
  • Where appropriate, bring educational programming on interpersonal violence to your class
  • Where appropriate, include topics that address partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking – preventing and intervention – in your class
  • Clearly state to your students that if they are dealing with violence, you are a safe person to approach for support and referrals
  • Educate yourself on available confidential and non-confidential resources for relationship violence on campus
  • Consider conducting research that furthers our understanding of violence prevention
  • Include a statement in your course syllabus that expresses support for survivors of violence and intolerance for all forms of violence
  • Assign readings or papers on the issue of power-based personal violence
  • Talk with faculty colleagues about the importance of prevention

Green Dots – Staff/Administrators

  • Educate yourself on signs of potential abuse or violence and respond
  • Ensure there is adequate policy and training available on campus to respond
  • Ensure adequate funding for prevention and intervention efforts
  • Talk with colleagues about your personal commitment to violence prevention and Green Dot
  • Integrate references to the Green Dot initiative and importance of violence prevention into speeches and public addresses
  • Educate yourself and your staff about sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and abuse
  • Request Green Dot training at your next staff meeting or in-service (request a training at [email protected])
  • Ensure you have effective policies to ensure safety in the workplace and support survivors of violence

Green Dots – Quick Green Dots for Busy People

  • Change your email signature line to include “Green Dot Supporter” or add a Green Dot image
  • Donate to a related charity and write “Green Dot Supporter” in the memo line
  • Have one conversation with a co-worker about Green Dot and why ending violence matters to you
  • Make one announcement to one group or organization you are involved with and tell them about Green Dot