Welcome Students and Parents


We welcome you—new students, parents,and families—to our Albion community.  You have exciting educational and personal opportunities awaiting you!

At our Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration Program (SOAR), you will:

  • Learn more about Albion’s academic programs;
  • Meet with members of the faculty and administrative staff;
  • Become aquainted with expectations that Albion College has of you as a student in and out of the classroom;
  • Prepare to make the transition from your current living enviornment to Albion College's Residentaial Campus

Participation in one of the SOAR sessions is required of all new students.

Parents and family members, attending SOAR is valuable for you as well—special sessions for parents and families enable you to become better acquainted with Albion and all it has to offer. We hope you will attend SOAR with your student, but it is optional for all parents and family members.

We look forward to greeting you at one of the SOAR sessions this year.


Tracey Howard
Assistand Dean of Program Development
SOAR Program Co-Director

Jennifer Yawson
Director of Campus Programs and Organizations
SOAR Program Co-Director

Drew Dunham
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
SOAR Program Co-Director