About Us

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Mission Statement

Albion College Dining and Hospitality Services is dedicated to providing the campus and community with high quality products and services through a variety of experiences. These experiences will reflect our commitment to being responsive to the changing needs and desires of our diverse audience while operating in an ethical, sustainable, and fiscally responsible manner.

We Value:

As Albion College is a learning-centered institution that values learning outside the classroom, we are committed to engaging our students while creating an environment which focuses on maintaining sustainable operations. We will cultivate our private interest while serving our public through socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and economically viable practices.

Diversity and Resources
Diversity is a core component to our success and development. In order to provide superior products and services we must: Embrace a diverse workforce throughout all levels while respecting and relying upon varying backgrounds, talents, and ideas; Respect and celebrate the varied cultural customs within our global community; Recognize that our most valuable resource is the employee and management team we assemble; Be committed to managing and maximizing all available resources.

Albion College is committed to enhancing the overall health and wellness of an individual's mind, body, and spirit. We will demonstrate this commitment by offering a variety of nutritious foods and beverages made from wholesome ingredients, accommodating a wide variety of dietary needs, and providing the tools necessary to make balanced and healthy choices.

The Experience
Dining and Hospitality Services values the experience created through our products, services, and environments. We create welcoming environments and memorable experiences by focusing on service and accommodating various nutritional and social needs. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our products and services, and also creating long-term value within individual relationships.