Casiana Warfield, B.A.

Graduate Trainee


Telephone: 517-629-0236

Information: Casiana is a graduate trainee in the process of completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Michigan University. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychological Science and Interpersonal Relations from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 2015. Casiana has previous experience working with a variety of psychological presentations in a community mental health setting in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In addition, she was an undergraduate intern in a domestic violence shelter in Indiana. Her clinical interests include: trauma, the impact of culture on relationships, other relationship distress, sexual and gender identity concerns, anxiety, depression, and vocational issues. Casiana identifies as a feminist and is thus invested in equal access to and quality of mental health services for all persons including the entire spectrum of racial/ethnic, gender, sexual, and religious/spiritual identity. In her free time, Casiana enjoys live music, travel, playing piano and singing, Netflix, and cuddling with her two dogs and kitten.