Transportation Services

While there is very little crime on campus, students should not walk alone on campus after dark. From dusk to dawn students can call Campus Safety for an escort to and from locations on campus. In most cases, the escort will be provided with a vehicle; however, depending on staffing, the location of the escort, and availability of officers, an officer may provide a walking escort, or provide an escort utilizing the Campus Safety golf cart. This is entirely at the discretion of the Campus Safety officers on duty.

Students coming back to campus by car after dark can call ahead and request that Campus Safety meet them in their assigned parking lot for an escort to their residence hall. Students should provide a vehicle description, and should remain in their vehicles until Campus Safety arrives.

Students can request an escort by calling extension 1234 from any campus phone. While in most cases officers are able to respond to provide escorts within 10 minutes, in the event of an emergency or unusual situation officers may be delayed. Students should remain inside until a Campus Safety officer arrives.

  • NOTE: The escort service is provided to ensure student safety. It is also intended for students going to and from on-campus locations. Students going off-campus should take responsibility for their own safety and ensure that they have appropriate transportation to and from campus. A Campus Safety supervisor may make an exception to this policy in cases of extreme need.

    Transportation to Bus Stations or Airport 

Van Driver Registration

Important Information about transportation services:

From sunrise to sunset, regardless of weather conditions, healthy, able-bodied students are expected to walk to and from locations on campus and adjacent to campus, including the Dow Center, Burns St. apartments, Munger apartments, Harrington School, and Washington Gardner Middle School.

The transportation services provided by Campus Safety are primarily intended for students who live in on campus housing and do not have vehicles on campus. Students with vehicles on campus are expected to use their vehicles for their own transportation needs. An exception to this policy is the dusk to dawn escort service.

Campus Safety officers have many responsibilities, the most important of which are responding to and addressing emergency or potentially dangerous situations that occur on campus. At times all on-duty staff may be called to deal with such issues, and so transportation for students may be delayed during those instances.

Non-emergency services, such as transports and admittances, are normally performed by officers in the order that they are requested. This may create some delays in answering requests for transportation by Campus Safety officers.

When possible, students should notify Campus Safety 30 minutes prior to when they wish to be transported to a specified location (for medical appointments outside of Albion, 24 hour notice is needed).

With the exception of the shuttle service to the Michigan Flyer, all transportation services are free for students.

Note regarding transportation to Oaklawn Hospital after regular business hours

Campus Safety staff members do not transport students to Oaklawn Hospital for unknown medical conditions. Campus Safety should be contacted for all medical emergencies that occur on campus so that an ambulance can be contacted for assistance.

24 hour a day, 7 day a week escorts for students living on campus

  • To and from classes, to Baldwin, or other locations on campus for students who are injured or disabled.
  • As requested by Student Health Services or Counseling Services Staff
  • From Oaklawn Hospital
  • To and from pharmacies in Albion
  • To and from the Equestrian Center
  • To and from the Albion Bus/Train Station, for students with a train/bus ticket.  Transportation is not provided for guests.
  • To and from places of employment in the city of Albion

Escorts provided on certain days or at certain times for students living on campus

  • To and from banks and other retail stores in Albion: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.
  • To and from Medical appointments in Albion, Marshall, Jackson or Battle Creek: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. (24 hours notice required for appointments outside of Albion).
  • NOTE:  Campus Safety will transport students to and from Medical appointments in Kalamazoo, Lansing, or Ann Arbor if a vehicle and staff member are available on the date and time requested.  These requests need to be made at least one week in advance to the Director of Campus Safety by email (), and there will be a $50.00 charge for this service, which will be added to the requesting student's account.  

The following transportation services are not provided by Campus Safety:

  • Medical appointments out of town (except as listed above)
  • Out of town for entertainment or personal reasons (except as listed above)
  • To or from local Taverns (except in extraordinary circumstances)
  • To or from home
  • To or from out of town train or bus stations
  • To airports
  • Transportation for non-students

Exceptions may be made in cases of emergency or extreme need. Requests should be made to the on duty supervisor.