General Visit Day: October 22, 2011

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9:00 a.m.   Registration and Faculty Reception
9:30 a.m.   Welcome
9:40 a.m.   Academics at Albion
10:30 a.m.   Campus Tour
11:30 a.m.  

Options – Please select one of the following:

12:15 p.m.   Lunch
1:10 p.m.  

Information Sessions – Please select one of the following:

 1:45 p.m.  

Additional Options

11 a.m.
12 p.m.
1 p.m.
2:30 p.m.

Volleyball:  Albion vs. Adrian – Kresge Gymnasium
Women's Soccer:  Albion vs. Olivet
Football:  Albion vs. Olivet – Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium
Men's Soccer:  Albion vs. Kalamazoo

Note: Prospective students and parents/guests can choose separate options.

At the completion of your day, please stop by the Admission Office to turn in your program evaluation.

Information Session Descriptions

Morning Sessions

First Year Seminar: “Mauka and Makai – A Sense of Place and Education in Hawai’I”
Hawai’i Creole English (HCE) or “pidgin” was developed through the intercultural communication of multilingual immigrant workers on sugar plantations in the 1800’s. HCE remains a strong marker of local identity in contemporary Hawai’i as “the language used at home, the language of childhood and the subconscious, the language used in emotion.” Seminar participants will be engaged in a readers’ theatre performance of a short excerpt from Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers by Lois-Ann Yamanaka and will discuss issues of language and schooling.

First Year Seminar: "Orcs, Elves, and the Environment"
What does a crusty British scholar who spent most of his time making up stories about elves, hobbits, and an evil ring have to do with you—here and now in the twenty-first century? This session pursues that question. We will use J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings as a test case for exploring how works of fiction might have something interesting to tell us about the facts of our world and the ways we chose to live in it.

College Financing
This session will explore the many options and opportunities to help meet the costs of going to college. Going beyond the typical financial aid resources, we'll look at many ways students and families pay for college, including tips for searching for scholarships. We'll also explore those financial skills all entering students need to succeed at college.

Parent Panel (parents only)
Are you wondering about what your student will be eating in the dining hall? Worried about where they will go to the doctor if they get sick? Are you curious to see if they are allowed to bring a car to campus the first year? If you've harbored these questions or others common to parents with students going off to college, this session is for you. You will have a chance to meet the parents of current Albion College students who will talk candidly about their experiences as Albion parents. There will be lots of time for Q&A—so bring your questions!

Afternoon Sessions

Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management
The Gerstacker Institute is for high-achieving students interested in becoming leaders in business. Since 1973, the Institute has been helping students make their professional ambitions reality. Our vision is to be known internationally for our ability to teach young business professionals how to, individually and within teams, achieve incredible results in the marketplace … period. The Institute offers the following features to qualified students:

  • An opportunity to develop your career in areas such as accounting, finance, international business, marketing, human resources, management or consulting
  • Two full-time business internships (domestic or international)
  • Professional mentoring by Institute staff, Albion alums, and other successful businesspersons
  • Dedicated student computer and meeting facilities
  • A community of motivated peers
  • An interdisciplinary academic program incorporating English, Communication, and Philosophy alongside Economics and Management courses

Students not majoring in economics and management have the opportunity to pursue the program through the Gerstacker Minor plan, which incorporates one internship along with the other benefits afforded students following the Gerstacker Concentration.

Center for Sustainability and the Environment
The Center attracts students who want careers that make a difference, working in some way to protect and improve the environment. The program is highly experiential, including research, service, and internship opportunities; field trips to critical areas throughout the United States; and the E-House living-learning center. At the information session, you can see pictures of these programs, including our recent field trips to California and Oregon, and talk with faculty involved with the Center. Join us in sustaining sustainability at Albion College!

Dual Degree Program in Engineering
This program allows you to spend three or four years at Albion pursuing the degree of your choice (usually Mathematics or Physics), while at the same time earning credit that will allow you to also earn a degree (B.A. or B.S.) in a field of engineering after another two years of study at another university (e.g. University of Michigan, Columbia University, Case Western Reserve University). During this information session, faculty involved in the program will discuss the many advantages of Albion’s program over simply earning an engineering degree at a major university.

Fine Arts
Involvement in the arts can be transformative for individuals at all levels of engagement. Whether you like to act, paint, dance, write, sculpt, play an instrument, sing, watch and appreciate the arts, or learn about their history, Albion College has a place for you. Music, theatre, dance, art, art history, and creative writing offer majors and minors with extraordinary study opportunities on campus and abroad. Classes and co-curricular participation are open to all students. Representatives from the various arts areas will present a brief overview of the Arts at Albion and answer any questions you might have.

Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development
The Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development collaborates with school districts and service organizations to enrich teacher development through mentoring opportunities, school and classroom-based field experiences, and international study. Through the Center you will join with other students interested in education and be able to choose from among 15 majors as you complete a program that leads to certification in either elementary, secondary, or K-12 teaching. All education courses combine theory with practice through different, intensive field experiences. The Center supports your development of educational leadership through participation in the Boundary Crossings residential practicum course and a unique student-teaching internship and capstone. The Center further provides options for you to explore different perspectives on teaching and learning through administrative and international practicum options. Participants in this session interact with faculty to learn about the Albion College Teacher Education Program and resources available to an education concentration, such as comprehensive advising, preparation of digital portfolios, the Ferguson Center for Technology-Aided Teaching & Learning, 24/7 access to the Learning Café, and professional development with in-service teachers.

Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service
America's first public policy institute for undergraduates, the Ford Institute was founded at Albion in 1977 by President Gerald R. Ford and has been training students for careers in public service and leadership for over 25 years. This unique, interdisciplinary program brings together a diverse group of students from nearly every discipline and major. The program includes courses in public policy, economics, ethics, political science, and an internship during the junior year.  Our students intern locally or travel worldwide to fulfill this requirement, including (but not limited to) Melbourne, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, and Albion. Each year the Institute brings to campus a number of nationally recognized speakers from both the public and private sectors. The Ford Institute also offers a range of community service and social events for our students.

Institute for Premedical Professions and Health Sciences
Are you thinking about a career in cardiac surgery, psychiatry, physical therapy, pediatrics, veterinary medicine, biomedical research, or even medical social work? Do you like working with people but aren't sure what career opportunities are available or how much schooling you will need? In this short presentation and question/answer session, you will learn about career options in health care, educational requirements, and how Albion's Premedical Professions and Health Sciences institute will help you actively pursue your career goals.

Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs
Off-campus programs—opportunities to study, conduct research, and/or engage in internships abroad or in the U.S.—are an integral part of your Albion College education. About one in four Albion students participate in off-campus programs before they graduate. Come hear about the wonderful opportunities available through more than 120 programs in nearly 40 countries. You also can learn about Albion's residential language learning program, the International Space. A short presentation will be followed by Q&A.

Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program
This program is unlike any high school Honors program in that the classes are not more difficult versions of ordinary classes. Instead, they are small discussion-based classes that are designed and taught only for Honors students. As an Honors student, you will take one of these stimulating classes in each of your first four semesters and, since each Honors class substitutes for other required classes, there will still be a great deal of room in your schedule to pursue other interests. Honors will offer you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor on an original research or creative project that, when completed, could become your Honors thesis. Other Honors privileges include chances to read books by distinguished campus visitors such as Kurt Vonnegut, Salman Rushdie, and E.O. Wilson and to meet them while they are on campus. You will be invited to participate in field trips to concerts and plays, and you will have 24-hour access to the Honors Center, located in the heart of campus in the old Observatory.

Tour of the Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center
The 340-acre center is a premier equestrian facility located within a short drive from the college’s main campus. It includes indoor and outdoor arenas, stalls for 79 horses, and ample turnout space. The center offers student horse boarding, lessons from beginner to advanced, and hosts a series of competitions each year. It is home to the Albion equestrian teams as well as an international trainers' licensing program for future equestrian professionals. This session offers a full facility tour as well as time for Q&A with staff and instructors.

Whitehouse Nature Center
The Nature Center is owned and administered by Albion College as an outdoor education facility. There are more than 25 acres of woodland, extensive marsh, and swamp lands bordering the east branch of the Kalamazoo River; six self-guided nature trails; and 35 acres of farmland for experimental plantings and other research projects. The nature center also includes an Interpretative Building with classrooms, a porch, and an observation room.

Tour of the Art Facilities
Bobbitt Visual Arts Center and the Ceramics Annex are home to the Department of Art and Art History. With nine spacious, brightly lit, and well-equipped studios, and an auditorium, two galleries, a computer studio, and plenty of spaces where students can work and relax, Bobbitt is an ideal space to foster creativity. Tours with art and art history majors offer opportunities for you to visit each space, ask questions about the art experience at Albion, and hear more about the opportunities offered in the department.