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Passwords and PINS

Password Matrix

This matrix outlines which Albion College passwords can be used where on campus. It also outlines the requirements for password creation. 

Password Reset Instructions

These instructions allow you to change your network password online or while using a campus machine. 

Classroom Troubleshooting

If experiencing an issue that cannot be resolved using the guides below, please submit the problem by filling out a Work Order or emailing  with detailed information about the classroom and issues faced. 

General Troubleshooting

This guide contains some of the most commonly found problems encountered while using classrooms and media carts on campus. 

Duplicate Extended Desktop

This document provides step-by-step details for extending or duplicating a campus desktop.

Epson Projector Partial Image

If a partial image appears while using an Epson projector, try this fix.

Epson Document Camera

This document outlines how to connect the Epson Document Camera using USB, HDMI or VGA cables.

Keyspan Wireless Mouse

Common errors that can occur with the Keyspan wirless mouse (or clicker) and how to ensure it works properly.

Video Conferencing Webcam Setups

Details ways to set up the classroom or office for video conferencing sessions.

Webcam Kits for Classroom and Office

This document provides a cost breakdown for those interested in purchasing a webcam kit for an office or department.

Interlink Wireless Controls

General usage documentation for Interlink.  

Presentations Systems Booklet

This document outlines general information about presentation systems on campus. It includes both fixed installations and portable media carts.

RF Channel Configurations (campus wide)

This document shows the Interlink RF RemotePoint channel settings across campus. The placement of the channels is done in such a way that there is no interference vertically or horizontally from one room to another. Reset portable media carts to the indicated to avoid inadvertent mouse eactivations. Locations of portable media carts are shown in red.

Classroom Guides and Media Carts

Click on any building name below to view information about technology available in any classroom or presentation space on campus. 

Presentation Spaces and Carts - This document contains a detailled collection of key information about our enhanced classrooms, media carts, document cameras and web cameras located around campus. 

Labs and Classrooms

Classroom Guides and Media Carts

This page list each of the buildings and classrooms on campus and provides the user with a quick start guide for turning on and troubleshooting classroom technology. 

Computer Labs

A list of computer labs on campus. In order to reserve a computer lab, please fill out the Computer Lab Reservation Form

Classroom Software

A list of software available in various locations around campus. 

Classroom Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips for common technologies, errors and issues on campus. 

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