Scholarship and Academic Achievement

The first and foremost priority of Albion College is academic excellence. Helping members achieve academic excellence is also a primary objective of the Greek community. Each fraternity and sorority places strong emphasis on academic performance. Also, Gamma Sigma Alpha, a national academic Greek honor society, is a Greek organization on campus working to further that goal. As a result of all of these efforts, the Greek grade point average consistently remains at or above the all-campus average!

Academic Reports

pdfSpring 2019 Academic Report

pdfFall 2018 Academic Report

pdfSpring 2018 Academic Report

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pdfSpring 2017 Academic Report

pdfFall 2016 Academic Report

pdfSpring 2016 Academic Report

pdfFall 2015 Academic Report

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pdfSpring 2013 Academic Report

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Greek Reports

pdfFall 2019 Greek Report

pdfSpring 2019 Greek Report

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pdfSpring 2018 Greek Report

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pdfSpring 2017 Greek Report

Fall 2016 Greek Report

pdfSpring 2016 Greek Report

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pdfSpring 2014 Greek Report

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