Support for you today, Brits

February 14, 2023

Dear Albion College students,

Your campus is here for you today, Britons. Our faculty and staff are ready to support you, provide resources or offer a haven from a world that has momentarily turned upside down.

In particular, our Student Development offices are open today and staffed with caring professionals. Other natural gathering areas on campus will be staffed by Student Development and other personnel from noon until 5 p.m. Gathering places include the Umbrella House, Wesley Hall Lounge and the Cutler Center.

A campus vigil will be led by our Assistant Director for Spiritual Wellness, Laura Todd. The campus vigil will take place today at the Rock with a 5 p.m. start time. Please join us in supporting the Spartan Nation and beginning our healing. Today is a day of flexibility, support and understanding on campus — it is OK to come to the vigil even if it conflicts with another area of your life. (Please check in with whomever the conflict was with so no one is left worrying about you.)

The Office of Community Living has asked all Community Assistants (CAs) and Area Coordinators (ACs) to be available in their buildings for their residents. The Assistant Dean for Community Living and Student Conduct, Clark Dawood, will be in the Wesley Hall Lounge from 2-5 p.m. this afternoon for any student who needs him or wants to hang out.

Counseling Services is adding additional resources, staffing support and snacks for anyone who wants to drop in today. We will do our best to accommodate anyone in need and remind all students that through Albion Cares, our virtual network of care, counselors and appointments are also available.

The Cutler Center has canceled all appointments for today so that its staff can concentrate fully on students who need them in the moment.

Campus Safety will continue to monitor the situation at MSU and take care of our campus in partnership with the Albion Department of Public Safety. And, as a reminder, we do have information available on campus protocols for an active shooter.

All athletic coaches will be available for their student-athletes in and around their practice, workout and training facilities.

Student Development is here for you today and every day. In these times and situations, we become concerned and recognize that these issues can trigger our emotions and feelings, and we all may need additional support.

Please reach out to someone. We are here. We are around. We care. We are all Spartans.


Leroy Wright,
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students