New Jackson College Launch Pad to Albion College provides unique pathway for prospective students

May 14, 2024

Jackson College and Albion College Launch Pad

Albion College has entered into a partnership with Jackson College in nearby Jackson, MI, to deliver a unique new cohort program, dubbed the “Jackson College Launch Pad to Albion College,” which is designed to prepare interested students for a successful transition to Albion College.

Prospective Albion College students who have not yet met the criteria for admission into Albion may choose to enroll in one of three one-year academic tracks at Jackson College: Business, Biology/Chemistry (Pre-Med), and an Undecided track, designed for students who neither want to study business or Biology/Chemistry and/or are unsure what field they wish to pursue at Albion College. Once students successfully complete the required year at Jackson College, earning a grade point average of 2.5 or above, they will be admitted to Albion College for the following fall semester and also earn a $2,000 annual scholarship towards their Albion tuition.

The program functions as a cohort model, providing students who begin their academic journeys at Jackson with multiple opportunities to visit Albion College as a group throughout the year, as well as regular monthly advising appointments with Albion staff who travel to Jackson College. Currently, more than 100 prospective Albion College students have expressed interest in the program beginning in fall 2024. 

“Jackson College, due to its proximity and residential offerings, provides the ideal launch pad for prospective Albion College students who are in need of an additional pathway of access prior to making the transition to our campus,” said Mandy Dubiel, vice president of enrollment at Albion College. “Collaboration and discussions have been happening between the two campuses for a couple of years to make sure we’ve created a program that is beneficial to students. We are confident Jackson College will provide students access to the courses and support they need to be directly admitted into Albion College their sophomore year.”

Students who would otherwise be denied admission to Albion College instead will receive a letter with information regarding the “Jackson College Launch Pad to Albion College” program and admission and academic counseling to support their pathway.

“This program is truly a unique and innovative collaboration between our institutions in solidifying both Albion College’s and Jackson College’s missions to provide and extend access to a world-class education,” said Stephanie Waffle-Stephenson, director of new student engagement and director of Jackson College Hillsdale, PDSO.