Marceline Redick, ’20, Wins Statewide Award for Study in France

June 11, 2019

By Jake Weber

Marceline Redick, ’20, in St. Germaine, France, while participating in the Albion College-École Supérieur de Vente à St-Germain-en-Laye International Entrepreneurial Exchange class, fall 2017. An accounting and French double major, Redick is also a member of the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program.

For the second time in three years, an Albion College student has won the statewide competition for a study-abroad scholarship from the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Michigan (FACCM). Marceline Redick, ’20, will use the FACC-Michigan French Business Scholarship: Le Détroit Award for study at the Université Stendhal-Grenoble this coming fall.

Redick, from San Marcos, Calif., was chosen in part for her double major in accounting and French. “We have found accounting and French to be an excellent combination for interesting opportunities and future success,” says Irene Shelley, FACCM scholarship committee chair.

It’s a path to success that almost didn’t happen. Redick enjoyed her high school French classes but never considered continuing in college. Then “my first-year advisor was a Spanish professor, and she encouraged me to take a French class,” says Redick. “The French faculty talked me into the major and I’m really glad they did.”

In Grenoble, Redick will focus on improving her language skills and cultural understanding. “Grenoble has a homestay program and I’m excited about that,” she says.

Her language study is already proving to be an asset for her career goals. “Accounting firm recruiters see my French major and they ask if I’m interested in working abroad,” she explains. “Public accounting can include international opportunities, and the people who might hire me are already interested because I could do this.”

The FACCM Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to college and university students in Michigan studying business or business-related courses as well as French and who plan to use both in their career plans. The program demonstrates FACCM’s commitment to improving French-American trade as well as helping Michigan students further their French studies and business experience.