Let’s get prepared

February 22, 2023

Good afternoon, Brits —

The National Weather Center is advising that today’s winter storm has the potential to cause power outages in our area. Given our recent history and with an abundance of caution, please take a few moments to prepare.

We ask you to do two things now:

  1. Charge your phone and electronic devices
  2. If you live in a residence hall, please close your windows to retain heat

If the storm does cause a power outage, we will communicate with you throughout via text, email, social media, phone and hard-copy posted messages. Starting off with a full battery will help everyone to get the first all-important messages promptly.

So close those windows and plug in now so you are prepared for later.

Please continue to check your texts, emails, social media channels, phone and halls for messages from the College. We will be right here with you.

Thank you, Brits.

Albion College