Jamal Yearwood, ’17, Published in Respected General Medicine Journal

June 25, 2018

2017 Albion grad Jamal Yearwood was second author on a health policy article published in The Lancet—one of the very top academic journals in general medicine. Yearwood’s article: “Measuring performance on the Healthcare Access and Quality Index for 195 countries and territories and selected subnational locations: a systematic analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016,” The Lancet, Vol. 391, No. 10136, pp. 2236-2271, 2 June 2018.

Yearwood, who majored in Spanish and minored in management as a member of the Institute for Healthcare Professions, is employed at the University of Washington School of Public Health, where he worked on the research project that led to this publication. Yearwood credited his Albion College class, E&M 375 Health Economics, for helping to prepare him for this job.

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