Count Albion Among The Best 387 Colleges by The Princeton Review

September 1, 2021

Albion College community assistants, August 2021

Community assistants welcomed new Albion students as they moved in during the College’s fall orientation week, known as Albion-O. Fall semester classes began August 30.

Albion students “are full of praise for their teachers,” states The Princeton Review in a profile of Albion College in the newest edition of its college guidebook, The Best 387 Colleges.

Only about 14% of the 2,700 U.S. four-year colleges are profiled in the annual publication. Specifically not a ranking, The Princeton Review chooses the colleges for the book based on data it annually collects from administrators about their institutions’ academic offerings. The education services company also considers data it gathers from its surveys of students at the colleges, who rate and report on various aspects of their campus and community experiences.

In Albion’s profile, general conclusions from The Princeton Review’s student survey included “lab facilities are great” and “students are happy.”

“Undergrads are especially quick to highlight the strong science, premed, and business programs,” the profile states, referring to the Lisa and James Wilson Institute for Medicine and the Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management, both of which are now part of the recently created School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement.

Across academic programs, additional student comments highlighted in the profile centered on the faculty. “‘The professors care about their students’ success and are always there to help,’” said one; among other descriptions from students were “‘easily approachable’” and “‘extremely passionate about their work.’”

The Princeton Review also cited “Albion’s growing reputation” under a section titled The Inside Word.

“The support prospective students receive from the admission team over the course of their college search is really reflective of the support from faculty and staff that students have highly valued during their years at Albion,” said Mandy Dubiel, interim chief enrollment officer. “From the initial conversation with an admission counselor to a campus visit to discussing financial aid and orientation, we are looking to foster a sense of belonging for students—so they can build those lasting connections with their professors right from the start.”

The Best 387 Colleges is one of 150 Princeton Review books in a line published by Penguin Random House. It has been featured on NBC’s Today more than a dozen times, and referenced by reporters in publications from Inside Higher Education to The Wall Street Journal.