Campus Updates

August 9, 2021

Dear Albion Community,

Green spaces, pedestrian and bike safety, campus vibrancy and recreation spaces, and longer-term (non-street) solutions have been identified as key components of our integrated Campus Comprehensive Plan. Although the plan is in draft form and currently under development, we have released earlier drafts to campus stakeholders and the final draft will be available for review and comment within our community.

This email details some of the plan priorities that we have introduced as initial projects based on our commitments to sustainability, climate change mitigation, open spaces, historic and cultural preservation, and enhancing our campus and the local community. Doing so is essential to establishing the value proposition we offer prospective students and families and delivering on that proposition to students and employees.

The following projects are underway or will begin shortly:

Green Spaces 

  • Perry St from Ditzler Way to Ingham St has been replaced with green space.
  • Jackson St from Mingo St into campus has been replaced with green space.
  • Plans are in place to remove Oswego street from Perry to Cass as well.
  • The sand parking lot next to the fraternities on E Porter St will be removed and replaced with green space.
  • The front face of Bonta Admissions and Wesley Hall will receive significant turf and landscaping improvements.

Face Lifts

  • The entries and front faces of Munger Hall, Wesley Hall, Seely-Berkey, the President’s House, Ingham, and Bonta will all be cleaned and improved as they represent the outward public face of the campus.
  • The historic Fiske House which was the original home for Albion College presidents is under review with an expectation that the historical character of the home will be restored inclusive of millwork (porch, roof) and interiors.

Improving Accessibility

  • Numerous sections of fractured or failing sidewalks have been replaced around campus and most specifically, on the center quad. This increases accessibility and eliminates tripping hazards while also beautifying the campus.
  • Throughout the stadium, we will be repairing and replacing significant water damage and heaving to preserve accessibility and remove tripping hazards.

Campus Beautification

  • New campus standard trash and recycling receptacles and benches will be placed around campus.
  • Shrubs that were in decline and blocked the view of Robinson and Dickie Hall were removed and trees on the green were trimmed to provide a greater degree of visibility across the College green.
  • New external signage will be installed outside College buildings on E. Michigan Avenue and Ditzler Way, with a second phase of exterior signage and wayfinding to follow.

Community Relations

  • As we move parking away from the central part of campus and protect the residents of the City of Albion from increases in student parking and traffic, we have identified properties for longer-term and reduced-rate parking for our students.

Many thanks to Doug Laditka, John Hibbs, Jeff Watson, Nate Salazar and the maintenance and grounds teams for their management and implementation of these extremely valuable improvement projects.

Dr. Raymond Barclay
Chief Planning Officer