Campus update on Men’s Basketball Team

January 8, 2023

To our Albion campus community:

As some of you may be aware, we have been addressing an issue involving the men’s basketball team. This issue stemmed from a practice session in which Coach May addressed an issue with a student-athlete for using a racial epithet. When players questioned the coach about this matter during and after practice, Coach May repeated what the student had said as he explained the measures taken.

While Coach May was aiming to use this as a teachable moment, it was the wrong way to go about it. It was a serious mistake on his part. His language was inconsistent with our values as a College and the values of anyone who calls themselves a Briton.

As a College, we have investigated this incident and taken steps to address it. The Coach has apologized to the team for the hurtful impact his words have caused. He has sat out several games. He will continue to be involved in cultural sensitivity training.

Trustee Michael Williams offered advice to me and Dean Wright based on his interactions with the basketball team and how we, as a College, can move forward together. We have heard and recognize the hurtful impact the Coach’s words had on our players. We respect the decision of those student-athletes who decided to sit out Saturday’s game honoring Coach Turner. We appreciate Trustee Williams, an Albion alumnus who is a member of the College’s Hall of Fame in basketball, for his willingness to continue these conversations as we move through the healing process.

We strive to foster an environment where our students, faculty and staff are supported. These are difficult but necessary conversations. We hope to continue the healing process through ongoing dialogue with these student-athletes.

Interim President Joe Calvaruso