Albion College — Feb. 23 storm update

February 23, 2023

Good morning,

While campus came through the storm relatively unscathed, there are some downed trees and limbs that our outstanding Grounds Crew is working to clean up quickly so please be cautious as you walk across campus and through the area neighborhoods.

At this time, there are no downed power lines on campus but there have been several reported in the area. We ask that you use extreme caution if you see a downed line while out and about. All downed lines, downed trees, limbs or damage should be reported to Campus Safety at 0911 from any campus phone or 517-629-0911 from a cell phone.

Thank you all for being prepared for a power outage yesterday — closing windows, charging electronic devices and checking in on one another — went a long way to ensure we were ready for the next steps. Thankfully, Albion College did not lose power.

There are significant outages across southcentral Michigan, as well as downed trees and power lines so if you need to travel outside the greater Albion area, please be aware. Your drive time will be increased and you will meet with some of these hazards.

Please be cautious today, Brits. Take care of yourself and one another. If you see something damaged, please report it to Campus Safety using the numbers above. Stay safe.

Albion College