Forms and Resources

Specific questions regarding the information below, please contact the Student Development Office.

Leave of Absence

A Leave of absence may be extended to those who desire to interrupt, but not to discontinue permanently, their enrollment from Albion for one or two semesters. Students interested in a Leave of Absence must contact the Cutler Center for Student Success ([email protected]) to discuss the process and develop a plan.

Withdrawal from the College

Students who wish to withdraw from the College during a semester (i.e., withdrawing after enrollment has been completed at the beginning of a semester and before the completion of final exams) should initiate the withdrawal process by contacting the Cutler Center for Student Success ([email protected]). To withdraw at the end of a semester, students should also contact the Cutler Center. Please also consult the Accounting Office web site for information regarding the College’s refund policy.

Readmission to Albion College

Former students, or students who have completed withdrawal procedures, may apply for readmission to the College by contacting the Student Development Office. Applications for readmission are to be submitted at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to return. To request an application for readmission and additional information regarding requirements, please contact the Student Development office by email [email protected] or phone 517/629-0750.

U.S. Constitution Day

Albion College observes Constitution Day each year on September 17.

Voter Registration

The Student Development Office encourages students to become registered voters. Each fall semester, prior to the State of Michigan’s voter registration deadline for the November general election, the Student Development office will provide students with information about voter registration. For Michigan residents, information about registering to vote, registration deadlines, and voter application forms in the State of Michigan, please visit the Secretary of State’s website at Students not eligible to vote as a Michigan resident, please contact the state election authority in your state of residence for information on voter registration in that state.