Maybe you’ve heard the joke about needing experience to start your career, but needing a career to get experience. Yeah, we heard it too.

AlbionEngage and the Experiential Learning Certificate solves that problem. It helps you plan, track and talk about the experience you develop inside and outside of the classroom. You live what you’re learning in courses through exclusive professional development and community engagement opportunities. You’ll design an Experiential Learning Certificate that gives you a deep understanding of a transformative topic and related on-the-ground experience that you might not get from coursework alone.

Every Experiential Learning Certificate has four parts:

  • Purpose Courses
  • Professional Development
  • Experiential Learning
  • Integrative Reflection

List of Certificates

SPP Endorsed Community and Civic Engagement/Leadership/Justice Toggle Accordion

Advocacy & Activism (student led)
Animal Care
Community Engagement
Health Administration
Health Policy
Leadership for Equity (student led)
Nutrition, Wellness and Naturopathic Medicine
Social Innovation
Sustainability (student led)
Environment – primary engagement research with faculty members
Program Management
Working with Diverse Populations
Peace and Reconciliation

Wilson Institute for Medicine Toggle Accordion

Emergency Medicine
Clinical Care
Drug Design
Global and Community Health

Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy & Service Toggle Accordion

Governance and Policy
Legal Studies
Human Rights

Gerstacker Institute for Business & Management Toggle Accordion

Social Entrepreneurship
Project Management
Leadership in Business