FURSCA conference grants are available primarily to assist students with travel to present research results at professional meetings.

Awards are limited to $700. The student must fill out the application form below, indicating the title of the presentation, and provide a copy of the abstract and the conference acceptance notification. Applications for student conference grants should be signed by the faculty sponsor and the appropriate department chairperson or Center/Institute director, then submitted to FURSCA’s Associate Director, Renee Kreger- located in the Old Observatory 2nd Floor #204, phone 517-629-0614.

This needs to be done prior to the meeting.

Students giving presentations at conferences may request funds for the following purposes:

  • Train/Airfare: Arrangements should be made well in advance of travel. The purchase of tickets can be done via a purchase order if sufficient time is allowed. Otherwise, the student can be reimbursed after submitting a paid receipt.
  • Lodging: A check can be issued, payable to the hotel, prior to travel. Or, the student can be reimbursed after submitting a paid receipt.
  • Meeting registration: Can be paid in advance, or reimbursed with paid receipt.
  • Meals: Up to $29 per day is available. Detailed Receipts must be provided.
  • Mileage: If a personal vehicle is to be used, an estimate of the total miles for the trip should be provided on the conference grant application. The standard $0.560 per mile will be reimbursed after the trip.
  • Other transportation, parking, etc.: Receipts must be provided.

Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement within 10 days after the Conference.

Applications for conference grants are accepted on an on-going basis during the semester; however, you must apply for funding before you have incurred the expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Conference – Travel Grant FORM

Proposal Deadlines

Student Proposal Deadlines

  • Fall Research Grant – Monday, October 23
  • Fall Conference Grant – Monday, December 13
  • Spring Research Grant – Friday, March 1
  • Spring Conference Grant – Friday, April 12
  • Summer Research Grant – Friday, February 9

Faculty Deadlines

  • Fall 2023 – Support Letter upon Proposal submission
  • Spring 2024 – Support Letter upon Proposal submission
  • Summer 2024 – Monday, February 12 by Noon