Lighting and Lighting Controls


Albion College’s Facilities Operations team, at the behest of the Board of Trustees, is aggressively pursuing lighting upgrades throughout campus.  The goals of this program are to enhance the functionality of our spaces while minimizing our carbon footprint and decreasing our energy costs.

Lighting efficiency is a major consideration in any construction or remodeling project. Additionally, we are choosing high-use, high-traffic locations to specifically address lighting.

Consumers Energy, in conjunction with the Michigan Public Service Commission, has implemented a statewide program of incentives to encourage energy savings.  We are actively participating in these programs to help fund the various lighting projects. Incentives can defray up to one-third of the cost of such projects.

Some examples:

  • Dow Center
  • Facilities Offices
  • Olin Hall
  • Science Complex
  • Whitehouse Hall
  • Seaton Hall
  • Robinson Hall