Recycling and Trash Management

Albion College Facilities Operations works in conjunction with the Whitehouse Nature Center to support minimizing our trash by encouraging recycling.

As you know, Albion College must create and maintain a purpose of sustainability by cultivating a sense of pride and spirit which is achieved through persistent care for the historical institution. One of the many ways this purpose is manifested is through properly disposing of waste. Below you will find examples of the proper containers to dispose of recycling and trash.

Container Types

Recycling Containers

Blue container – cans, bottles (returnables)

Blue recycling can

Recycling Containers (single-stream)

Yellow lid (96 gallon bin) or 2-yard container on wheels – mixed paper, metal cans and foil, corrugated cardboard and boxboard, plastic containers, jugs, and tubs (please break down cardboard).

Brown recycling container

Waste Containers

All other waste, including pizza boxes, coffee cups, and to-go food containers.

Brown trash canPurple trash canBrown dumpster

As we continue to work towards long-term initiatives to improve our waste collection efficiency, everyone’s help in the short term will not only benefit the campus and the surrounding community but will also enrich the learning environment.

Recycling Guidelines

Your recycling collection is referred to as “single-stream” or “comingled” recycling. This means that all recyclables go into the recycling container together and do not need to be sorted. Materials are sorted at a single-stream sorting facility after collection.

Accepted Materials

Mixed Paper

Place newspaper, magazines, direct “junk” mail, first class mail, other printing and writing papers, phone books and envelopes loose in recycling cart.

Not Accepted: string, twine, sickers, coins, or plastic stuck on papers.

Metal Cans & Foil

Includes tin and aluminum cans and aluminum foil and trays. Rinse clean and flatten.

Not Accepted: paint cans, appliances, hangers, fencing, scrap metal, aerosol cans or containers with food residue.


Boxboard includes items like tissue boxes, cereal boxes and paper towel rolls. Dry goods boxes only. Break down and remove any contaminants (food, plastic or foil packaging).

Not Accepted: Styrofoam, wax- or foil-coated boxes, refrigerator or freezer boxes, including 6-, 12-, or 24-pack beverage cases.

Corrugated Cardboard

Break down, remove any contaminants (Styrofoam, wood or food) and place cardboard in the recycling cart.

Not Accepted: wax-coated boxes, 6-, 12-, or 24-pack beverage cases.

Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Tubs & Containers

Items should be clean and dry. Includes bottles and jugs with narrow, threaded neck; plastic tubs (margarine, sour cream, etc.); microwave trays; and yougurt containers.

Not Accepted: plastic bags, paper-or wax-coated milk or juice cartons, foam containers/packaging, syringes, garden hoses/rubber, furniture, pools, toys, buckets, laundry baskets, barrels, free-flowing liquids.