Social Contexts of Inclusive Youth Development

Earn an Experiential Certificate in: Social Contexts of Inclusive Youth Development


The James L. Curtis for Race and Belonging offers an Experiential eCrtificate in Social Contexts of Inclusive Youth Development. This certificate prepares students to lead and serve within human services organizations, schools, juvenile justice, faith-based or non-profit organizations, and diverse informal learning settings. Internship and community engagement opportunities support students’ understandings of the socio-spatial, socioeconomic, gendered, racial, and other disparities that prevent access and persistence within youth-serving settings. This certificate is designed specifically for students who wish to serve, teach or lead diverse youth populations post-graduation. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate, students should be able to:

  • Navigate diverse student/youth learning environments
  • Develop culturally effective methods of communication, programming, and services with and for diverse student populations 
  • Create inclusive learning spaces that encourage equitable learning outcomes
  • Improve understanding of evolving diversity in classroom settings related to race, culture, national identity, gender identity, sexuality, and special needs students/youth 

Purpose Courses

Students will choose at least three academic courses through Albion College in consultation with a Faculty Director of JLC. Courses should introduce issues relevant to Service of Diverse Communities. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • ANTH 256: Native North America 
  • COMM 215: Social Media
  • COMM 241: Public Speaking
  • PH 175: Introduction to Public Health
  • ETHN 103: Introduction to Ethnic Studies 
  • ETHN 250: Diversity and Education 
  • ETHN 289: Identity and Social Location
  • PSYC 236: Social Psychology 
  • PSYC 251: Child and Adolescent Development 
  • SOC 345: Race and Ethnicity 
  • SOC 370: Social Mobility and Inequality 
  • HIST 189: African American History before 1800 
  • HIST 243: African American History 

Professional Development

Professional development hours can be fulfilled through any relevant Albion College training including workshops and Innovation Badges offered through the School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement and college programs. External certifications and professional training offered by third-party providers may also be approved by JLC staff.  

Students will design or select the appropriate number of professional development hours for their catalog year. 

Experiential Learning

Students will design or select the appropriate number of experiential learning hours, including community-engaged experiential learning hours, for their catalog year.

Examples of possible opportunities include:

  • Internship with respective community organizations (as approved by Curtis Institute Faculty and Executive Director.  Organizations should have a particular focus on a historically marginalized communities/communities
  • Internship with Harrington Elementary, or another learning site as approved by Faculty and Executive Director for JLC
  • Internship with Affirmations, or Ruth Ellis Center for Unhoused LGBTQIA youth of color 

Interested in earning this Experiential Certificate? Please contact Ari McCaskill by email at [email protected].