Fundamentals of Hospitality Management

Earn an Experiential Certificate in: Fundamentals of Hospitality Management


The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute offers an Experiential Certificate in Fundamentals of Hospitality Management. This certificate introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary for effective leadership in the hospitality industry, and the operations and functions of diverse venues. Students will apply critical thinking skills, creativity, professional writing and business management principles during supervised on-campus and off-campus employment and internships. Students will develop and demonstrate knowledge of environmentally and culturally responsible economic development.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Analyze social, cultural, economic and environmental issues that shape and incentivize managerial practices in the global hospitality industry
  • Explain how individual leaders, teams and organizations deliberate, cooperate and perform responsibilities in an ethical manner
  • Identify key components of exemplary customer service
  • Identify, assess, and generate solutions for managerial challenges in the hospitality industry

Purpose Courses

Students will choose at least three academic courses through Albion College in consultation with their certificate advisor. Courses should introduce issues relevant to Hospitality Management. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Any French, German or Spanish course, with advisor approval
  • COMM 206: Event Marketing & Management
  • COMM 241: Public Speaking
  • COMM 306: Public Relations
  • COMM 330: Advertising
  • CS 261: Computers, the User and Society
  • E&M 212: Managerial and Cost Accounting
  • E&M 220: Marketing Principles
  • E&M 359: Management
  • E&M 362: International Management
  • ENGL 203: Advanced Writing: College and Beyond
  • ENGL 208: Professional Writing
  • ENVN 206: Sustainable Living Seminar
  • PHIL 302: Leadership Ethics
  • PSYC 346: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Honors courses and special topics courses that match the purpose of the certificate also may be approved. 

Professional Development

Professional development hours can be fulfilled through any relevant Albion College training including workshops and innovation badges offered through the School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement and college programs. External certifications and professional training offered by third party providers may also be approved by SPP staff.  

Students will design or select the appropriate number of professional development hours for their catalog year. 

  • Students are required to complete at least ten related Innovation Badges, including: 
    • Master Interviewer
    • Foundations of Networking
    • Sustainability and Environmental Leadership
    • At least two CIE badges related to global and intercultural awareness
    • At least two ABIDE badges related to communication across social differences
  • Students can choose to complete at least one recognized industry certification (e.g. ServSafe, TIPS, Cvent). Financial support may be available through the School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement

Experiential Learning

Students will design or select the appropriate number of experiential learning hours, including community engaged experiential learning hours, for their catalog year.

Examples of possible opportunities include:

  • Approved meeting and events management student employee position. The duties performed should develop relevant knowledge and skills. The approval will be based on the internship/job description, not the title of the position. 
  • Related service with civic or municipal partners, such as an economic development council, Chamber of Commerce, Tourist Bureau, etc.
  • Internship at a heritage site, historical site or museum.
  • Internship in recreation, catering, casino or leisure services. 
  • Related service in special and community events, conventions and meetings, sports tournaments, live festivals, etc.
  • Participating in undergraduate research related to hospitality management.

Interested in earning this Experiential Certificate? Please contact Roy Mathews by email at [email protected].