Lottery Numbers and Process Equity

Every returning student will receive a unique “Lottery Number” which will provide their priority level for housing choice. Lottery numbers are not random. However, they are based only on units completed as provided by the Albion College registrar. Other factors, such as grades, Greek or athletic status, leadership in student organizations, etc. do not impact lottery numbers.

At Albion College, lottery numbers are one way we ensure equity throughout the Room Selection Process. Be sure you finish all work for incomplete classes and finalize any pending transfer credits for these units to count for your lottery number.

Each students’ selection time will be prioritized based on lottery number. Thus, a group of four students may select their housing at the earliest persons’ time slot, based on the lowest lottery number in the group.

Remember, every student receives a lottery number. Numbers begin with 11, and can rise well over 1000. Numbers 1-10 are held to be awarded according to special incentives offered throughout the year.

Other lottery number adjustments may be offered as well. In Fall 2022, for example, Community Living supported the Advising Workgroup as they sought feedback from students. We offered a 20 point lottery number improvement to 5 winners randomly selected from survey participants. The winners will receive a note with their adjusted lottery number.

Trading lottery numbers is not permitted.

Lottery Numbers were generated for the 2024-25 Room Selection Process on February 14, 2024 and distributed to students on Friday, February 16, 2024.

Housing assignments are subject to change based on enrollment, space allotment, and the State of Michigan Executive Orders on Public Health. If your assignment does change you will be notified via email. Students may be asked to consolidate or move to new housing arrangements based on quarantine and isolation needs. In the event of temporary closures, restrictions, and/or adjustments to the academic schedule, Albion College shall not be obligated to issue refunds or credits, whether partial or full, for such interruptions or adjustments.