Campus Activities

Virtual Coffee Hour Toggle Accordion

Spend time with Albion’s vibrant international community. Students and their friends can meet virtually for global discussions with Albion’s international community. Come with coffee and desserts, as well as plenty of conversation. All are invited to attend, and Albion faculty and staff often join the conversation. Time TBA!

International Student Union Toggle Accordion

International Student Union hosts various programs (such as dinners, dances, movies) and meetings designed to show the international flavor of Albion’s campus. The group works to bring together Albion’s international students and to encourage an appreciation of international relations among Albion’s American students.

“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”—Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President

Global Photo Contest Toggle Accordion

Study Abroad and international students are eligible to submit photos that share their cultural experiences with fellow students, staff and faculty. Photos must be high resolution and accompanied by a caption that reflects the category it belongs to. Applicants are limited three entries, and may only win in one category. Winners will be decided by the Albion campus community, prizes include a canvas print of the student photo.

Contest categories:

  • Experiential Activities: Albion students actively engaged in learning activities inside or outside of the classroom. A captured moment of unique activities and/or excursions.
  • Cultural Activities: Albion students engaged and/or participating in local culture. May include photos of friends or cultural displays in your global study destination such as fairs, festivals, ceremonies, celebrations, food and people.

CIE Peer Mentors Toggle Accordion

Click here to submit your 2021 Orientation Peer Adviser (OPA) application! 

The Center for International Education (CIE) offers three peer mentoring programs for sophomore, junior, and senior students interested in working closely with either international students acclimating to Albion College, or study abroad students preparing for a global program.

The Orientation Peer Advisers (OPA) play a central role in welcoming first year international students to Albion during the August orientation sessions.  They work closely with the Center for International Education (CIE) to develop the orientation activities, communicate with students before arrival, pick students up at the airport, and conduct social activities during the orientation period.    OPA Job Description

The Study Abroad Peer Advisers (SAPA) work closely with students in different stages of the study abroad process: exploring options, selecting a program, application, orientation, pre-departure, studying away and re-entry.  In addition, they have administrative responsibilities and work closely with the Center for International Education (CIE) to promote awareness and encourage responsible student participation in Albion College off-campus programs.   SAPA Job Description

The International Student Peer Advisers (ISPA) work with the Center for International Education (CIE) to support and advise Albion’s international student body on topics of acclimation to campus life, thriving in Albion’s academic community, and navigating the many resources available to international students in the US.  In addition to administrative responsibilities, the ISPAs work closely to coordinate and organize international student activities and communications on behalf of CIE.  ISPA Job Description

Smooth Transitions Mentor Program Toggle Accordion

Why be part of the mentoring program?

“[The] Support, love, care, and advice from people whom I respect and will keep in my life forever.”
-C. J., Class of 2012, former mentee and mentor

The Smooth Transitions Mentor Program provides academic and social support to foster student growth and adjustment to Albion College and the surrounding community. Interested first-year under-represented students from different racial/ethnic backgrounds are matched with an upper-class student. Student mentors meet weekly with their mentees, conduct study sessions, and encourage students’ involvement on campus.

Albion College is committed to the development of a diverse and pluralistic living and learning community. In direct support of this College-wide aim, the Office of Intercultural Affairs works in cooperation with the campus and greater community to heighten awareness of and create an appreciation for diversity. The office coordinates and promotes cultural and educational programs. The office actively assists students with their transition into and retention at the College.

  • One-on-One mentoring ratio
  • Social support
  • Time management skills
  • Off-campus bowling
  • Meals with faculty, staff and community friends
  • Involvement with campus clubs and activities
  • Inside tips about campus
  • Late night study breaks
  • Career workshop
  • Academic and staff resources
  • Opportunities to attend student conferences
  • Leadership development
  • Build friendships
  • Diversity advocacy and support

Umbrella Organizations Toggle Accordion

Umbrella is the governing body of all the multicultural student organizations. The purpose of this governing body is to create a “safe place” where each under-represented student population is celebrated and supported, to provide an environment in which students can voice concerns, struggles, and accomplishments while educating the Albion community about the diversity of cultures and customs.

Comprising representatives from 11 under-represented student organizations, these student leaders elect Umbrella’s officers, meet regularly to discuss issues, plan and host diversity events ranging from cultural dinners to panel speakers, learn to have dialogue, and gain valuable life-long skills in leadership. In addition to forming friendships with a diverse group of people and the support of a staff advisor, each Umbrella group is an individual student campus organization. They are committed to educating and encouraging students, faculty, staff, and the Albion community to recognize and advocate diversity by supporting global, national, and local intercultural awareness.

Umbrella groups have access to Umbrella House on campus, which serves as a meeting place. The Umbrella House is located at:

1107 E. Cass St.
Albion, MI 49224

All Albion students are welcome to join any of Umbrella’s student organizations.