Past Organizational Resources

Throughout Albion College’s history we have had many student organizations spanning many different areas. Interest in any student organization often ebbs and flows, and for this reason some organizations become inactive for some time. Despite this, the items and equipment they got to sustain their organization often still remain. This list is for anyone interested in starting a student organization and unsure where to start. Below you will find a list of past, now inactive organizations with items or equipment the Office of Campus Life still has. If you are interested in bringing any of these organizations back contact Campus Life – [email protected] – and we can work on registering this new org and giving you access to the items or equipment we still have!

Past Organizations and items or equipment:

Mixed Martial Arts Club – competition ready Tai-Kwon-Do uniforms

Frisbee Club – many frisbees, circle markers, simple jerseys for teams

L.A.R.P. Club – some large foam swords, battle axes, and shields

Tabletop Gaming Society – cases of dice, books – Warhammer 40,000, Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons