Office on Violence Against Women Campus Grant

Meet the Project Coordinator

Photo of Kaydee Hall, Project CoordinatorProject Coordinator: Kaydee Hall, M.A.

Office Address: Kellogg Center 301

Phone: (517) 629-0577


Kaydee coordinates the activities of the OVW Campus Grant and the Center for Gender Equity.  If you would like to learn more about the OVW Campus Grant or would like to become involved with the Center for Gender Equity, please reach out!

What is the OVW Campus Grant?

The OVW Campus Grant was awarded to Albion College in late 2019, and our Project Coordinator was hired in June 2020.  The purpose of this grant is to reduce sexual assault, stalking, and dating/domestic violence on Albion College’s campus through the creation of a comprehensive prevention plan, review of and updates to campus policies and procedures, creation of a comprehensive victim services plan, and collaboration with Campus Safety and law enforcement.  To carry out the mission of this grant, faculty, staff, students, and community partners have come together to form a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT), which is broken up into several subcommittees dedicated to each area of the grant (Comprehensive Prevention, Student Conduct, Campus Safety & Law Enforcement, and Victim Services).