Just One More Photo Contest

Albion College, we want to see how active you are. Just One More Photo Contest

For the spring 2014 semester, we're sponsoring a photo contest featuring you, your friends, and what you do for fun on and off campus. It's a way to show the "Just One More" spirit at Albion.

Take a photo of you and your friends in the stands at an athletic game, singing along at the Big Show, or making faces during Day of Woden. We have some specific photo contests going on around big events this semester, but there's also an all-event category going on through Commencement. So snap away and submit!

Now for the nitty-gritty.

Categories, Deadlines and Prizes

Each big event on campus has a deadline and prize for the photo contest. There's also the Just One More Event photo contest, which can be from any event this semester (Day of Woden, Elkin Isaac, Anchor Splash, etc.).

Each photo submission will be judged on creativity and displaying the spirit of the event. One winner for each category will be chosen two days after the deadline, and will be announced on the College's Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Rules for Entry

  • Photo submissions only accepted from current Albion students.
  • Photos must be from an Albion-sponsored organization, club, athletic, academic, or Union Board event -- except for the spring break category.
  • Be sure to include a caption, with the event name and people (as best you can) in the photo.
  • Steer clear of nudity, alcohol, or illegal or lewd activities in your photos.
  • Make them fun and creative.

Submitting a Photo

Submit your photo in the following ways:

  1. Using the submission form below (coming soon).
  2. Emailing your photo to
  3. Tweeting or Instagramming your photo using the hashtag #beingbriton.
  4. Posting your photo on the College's Facebook wall.

By submitting a photo for the contest, you agree that:

  • Your photo can be used by the Albion College marketing department in social media, on the albion.edu website, and in any printed pieces developed by the College.
  • Your photo can be repurposed on other social media platforms, including Pinterest, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.
  • Submitting a photo does not guarantee a prize, or any compensation, by the College.

Okay with all that? Then submit your photo below!

Please enter your name.
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Please enter an event.
Please enter a caption.
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