Hiring a Student Employee Checklist

(You must follow this hiring procedure every Academic Year for each student to be hired)

After you have found the student you would like to hire you must complete the following steps:

_____ Determine if the student has completed the following forms with the Student Employment Office (SEO):
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • W-4 State Federal & City Withholding Tax
_____ Are you able to enter the student into the online timeclock?  If so, the student has completed the necessary paperwork.
_____ If the student has not completed these forms, direct them to SEO-Human Resource Office located in the Campus Safety Building to do so.
_____ Inform the student that until the I-9 and Tax forms are completed that they will not be put on the work schedule or allowed to work.
_____ Note: Students who have previously been employed on campus do not need to complete new I-9’s and tax forms each year.

Do not put the student to work until the forms are completed.

_____ Determine with the student their availability to work in your department
_____ Are they already employed as an Albion College student employee in another department?
_____ If so, how many available hours can they work in order to stay within the allowed 20 hours per week?
_____ AFTER student has all necessary paperwork submitted to SEO, provide the student with a work schedule. Schedules can be weekly, monthly or for the full semester.
_____ Inform the student whether or not their position will require them to use the Online Time Clock System to log their work hours. In most instances students should be paid an hourly wage unless the nature of the position make it impossible to determine an hourly rate such as research positions, Resident Assistants, etc.
_____ If using the online time clock, provide basic navigation and train for the TimeClock site so  they can begin to familiarize themselves with how the time clock works. Please also make the student aware of the frequency in which they will be paid.
_____ If not using the online time clock, inform the students how their work time is to be recorded and the frequency that they will be paid. If you are not using the timeclock, you must make arrangements with the Student Payroll Supervisor PRIOR to hiring the student.