Highlights from the 'Albion Tomorrow' Inauguration Panel

From left: Richard Longworth; Patrick McLean; John Austin; Jocelyn Sargent; Peggy Sindt, '73; and Byron White.
Ford Institute Director Patrick McLean introduces the panel participants.
John Austin, president of the Michigan State Board of Education, moderated the panel.
Richard Longworth is a senior fellow at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and an expert on globalization's impact on the Midwest.
Jocelyn Sargent, program officer at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, focuses on Michigan programs that provide and improve resources for vulnerable children.
Peggy Sindt, '73, president of the Albion Economic Development Corp., and Byron White, vice president for university engagement at Cleveland State University.
A look at the scene inside the Norris Center's Towsley Lecture Hall.
"Students want to learn in an environment that is transforming society," White said. "It's also where faculty want to be."
Albion College President Mauri Ditzler shared his thoughts at the conclusion of the panel discussion.
Sargent (right) speaks with chemistry professor and Albion city councilman Andrew French.

September 16, 2014  |  Photos by David Lawrence  |  Watch on YouTube

Albion College's 300-seat Towsley Lecture Hall was nearly full with students, faculty, and members of the Albion community September 11 as they listened to a panel of experts talk about "Albion Tomorrow: The Liberal Arts College as Partner in Community Revitalization." The event, presented by the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, served as the kickoff to Celebrate Albion! festivities that featured the Inauguration of President Mauri Ditzler as well as Community Day and Family Weekend.

Using the hashtag #CelebrateAlbion, the College's official Twitter feed, @albioncollege, attempted to capture some of the many notable comments and insights that arose from the discussion. They're reprinted below in the hope of creating a snapshot of the evening. In addition, a full video of the event will be available soon.

We're getting ready for our "Albion Tomorrow" panel discussion to kick off Inauguration festivities! http://bit.ly/1rTRqDM #CelebrateAlbion

We're about 5 minutes from the start of the panel. Towsley is filling up and it's already pretty clear: Folks are eager to #CelebrateAlbion

@FORDatAlbion @govthatworks Patrick McLean in panel intro: "The topic of tonight's discussion has never been more relevant" #CelebrateAlbion

@John_C_Austin: "Colleges today help the conditions and make the connections"--in knowledge economy, they're more vital now #CelebrateAlbion

Panelist Richard Longworth of @ChicagoCouncil: "Colleges have to show that they're really interested in the community." #CelebrateAlbion

Panelist @byronpwhite: "Ultimately you're trying to get to a place where there is shared accountability" btw town & gown. #CelebrateAlbion

Longworth: "Midwesterners don't like to cooperate, but small communities like Albion will only rise again" as a region #CelebrateAlbion

@WK_Kellogg_Fdn's Jocelyn Sargent on MI towns: "What really is needed is connectedness. Our fates are linked by geography." #CelebrateAlbion

@byronpwhite: "Students want to learn in an environment that is transforming society...It's also where faculty want to be." #CelebrateAlbion

@AlbionEDC's Peggy Sindt on faculty residency ?: "You need to make them want to live here. This excitement does that." #CelebrateAlbion

Sargent: @mauriditzler living on campus is "more than symoblic. It says that the college is invested in the community." #CelebrateAlbion

@John_C_Austin: "Does anyone have a question that doesn't involve @WK_Kellogg_Fdn funding?" Crowd laughs. Good discussion. #CelebrateAlbion

@byronpwhite: "Collaboration is a learned skill. It's hard. The institutions that figure it out will be ahead of the game." #CelebrateAlbion

The panel is over but Inauguration is just beginning! More tweets tomorrow from the ceremony. Comments from tonight at #CelebrateAlbion