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Albion Grieves the Loss of Liz Fraser

Liz Fraser

Liz Fraser
Elizabeth "Liz" Fraser, wife of legendary Albion College coach Morley Fraser and ultimate fan of Briton athletics, passed away July 21 at the age of 92. Liz's passion for Albion stretched over seven decades and extended beyond athletics to academic and artistic activities.

College and Community Connect to Help During Crisis

Albion town sign
“What goes around, comes around” as the Albion area positively connects to help the community access food during this global pandemic crisis. Making this connection are Albion College, Albion community organizations and a Detroit-based relief group joining together to help feed those in need in the Albion-area.

Former Trustee Bill Stoffer, '74, Passes Away in Albion

Bill Stoffer, '74

Bill Stoffer, '74

Longtime trustee William K. "Bill" Stoffer, '74, passed away December 2 in Albion. Said friend Linda Kolmodin, "In his heart, he loved Albion College and the community and saw them as intertwined for both to be the best they could be.”

Continuing a Legacy: Meet the Build Albion Fellows Class of 2023

The Build Albion Fellows Class of 2023 includes (first row, from left) Eryn Lewis, Madisyn O'Dell, Sondra Sewell, (middle row, from left) Cassidy Porter, Jayonna Yahsha, Victory Stovall, (top row, from left) Terek Straham, Ian Lee and Larenz Hill. (Not pictured: Kei'Asianique Hill).

baf23 130x110

The newest class of Build Albion Fellows features 10 students from the local community who are eager to play an active role in the future of their hometown as part of their college experience. Notably, half of the group has a sibling who is also a participant in the five-year-old program, which after a selection process provides four-year tuition, housing and meals to high school graduates from Albion in exchange for service in the community.

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