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Are you Using Moodle in your Courses?

As an Albion College faculty or staff member, are you using Moodle in your daily work or courses? This graphic from a Spring 2016 survey shows that, of those surveyed, a large percentage of Albion College students prefer to use Moodle in their courses, or would like to see it added to their courses.

Albion College Campus Technology Upgrade – Palenske 223

This summer, Palenske 223 underwent a technology upgrade. Those teaching in this classroom should familiarize themselves with the technology available.

Please take the time to read the Palenske 223 Quick Startup Guide, at Palenske 223 QSC EC-027 HD, to learn more about how the tech works and how it will integrate with your future lessons.

Albion College Upgrades to Moodle 3.1+: Here’s What to Expect

Not much looks different.

That’s right. This summer, the Albion College course webs underwent an upgrade from Moodle 2.9 to Moodle 3.1+, and at first glance, things look pretty similar. The site looks the same, the information looks the same, and your course web looks the same.

But that doesn’t mean our Moodle course webs haven’t changed for the better. There are plenty of new features in Moodle 3.1+ that will help save both professors and students time, as well as enhance the effect of Moodle activities.

So, what can you do differently in Moodle 3.1+ and what impact can it have on professors and students?

Going Beyond Gmail: How to use Google Calendar

It seems like everyone has a Gmail account. While this isn’t true, everyone on the Albion College campus does have one, and what many don’t realize is that through your Gmail account, you have access to apps that can help make your life more organized.

One of those apps is Google Calendar. If you’re using Gmail on campus, using your Google Calendar is simple and intuitive.

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