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September 2008

Congratulations to Rena Harris for being nominated the September 2008 Employee of the Month for Dining & Hospitality Services. Rena has worked for Dining Services for quite some time and she has always been an excellent employee. She is always on time, always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help. She serves as a positive role model and often offers to work when someone else cannot. Rena frequently works extra shifts to help with special dinners and banquets. Rena is a warm and friendly person and truly deserves this recognition. Septem5
Scott Falahee and Jeff Kotas of the Landscape and Grounds department as co-employees of the month. Both are assigned to the athletic fields. They have done a tremendous job in producing award winning competition fields, sometimes under the most difficult of circumstances. While much of their work is obvious on a beautiful football afternoon much more is behind the scenes. For example this last summer, in addition to the college baseball practice and game schedule, the college hosted 85 games as part of the High School Elite Baseball Program. This program brings the pick of high school baseball recruits to Albion College. They have also shown extraordinary initiative with projects such as creating a new logo for the football field or salvaging used artificial turf to use in high wear areas such as dugouts or bating cages. Thanks so much to Scott and Jeff for all you do. Septem6Septem7
Mark Holbrook has been with Albion College since 1994. He was hired as the Director of Accounting and presently holds the position of Controller. Mark’s knowledge and history of the College are assets to the institution. Mark is often seen to be helping others by answering questions, even when it puts his own work on hold. His kindness and service to Albion College and the Business Office are much appreciated. Thank you, Mark, for a job well done. Septem8

August 2008

Congratulations to Gary Moles for being selected as the Dining & Hospitality Services “Employee of the Month” for August 2008. Gary is a hard-working, dedicated member of the team in lower Baldwin. His effort and enthusiasm does not go un-noticed. Gary has a genuine quality that permeates throughout the operation. Congratulations Gary! Gary_Moles
Frank Behling has been with Albion College since 1977 and is currently the most senior member of the maintenance crew. Frank is a Maintenance/Technician IV and deals with most issues involving water; pool maintenance, water softener operation, and a variety of other plumbing issues. Frank is one of those very valuable people who work behind the scenes making life better for everyone. Thank you Frank for your dedication and service to Albion College. frank_behling
John Okerman, (everyone calls him Bob) has been with the college since 1997 as Facilities Supervisor. Bob supervises the crew which deals with daily residence hall maintenance needs. Bob also oversees the summer effort to get rooms ready for fall and coordinates the Facilities Operations support for move-in. This summer Bob had a number of important residence hall projects including a very successful and cost effective renovation of the Briton House Apartments. These apartments, constructed in 1976, were badly in need of remodeling. Under Bob’s leadership they received a new roof, windows, exterior trim and paint, plus kitchen and bathroom remodeling – all for under $17/sq. ft. Thank you Bob. john_okerman

July 2008

Congratulations to Isaac Wilson for being selected as the dining & Hospitality Services "Employee of the Month" for July 2008. Isaac had the unique opportunity of being nominated for this award by a customer. A key conference attendee went out of her way to tell us that Isaac should be given the employee of the month award for the outstanding service she received. this only reinforces what we've come to expect from Isaac, a hard-working employee who's always willing to go the extra mile for our guests. Congratulations Isaac. Julyl21
Christy Humbyrd has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month. Christy has worked full time in Grounds since June, 2007, having worked part-time previously since 2004. Christy has a background in agriculture along with an interest and appreciation for plants and the environment. she has a lot of energy to go with a very positive attitude and is always looking for ways to improve her area. She is interested in learning new skills and always willing to help. thank you Christy for your efforts in making Albion College a more beautiful place to live and work. Julyl22
Eric Beadle has been nominated as the administrative Employee of the Month. Eric has been with Albion College since 2004, first as Technical Services Supervisor and presently as the Director of Technical Services. Eric has made a very valuable addition with an outstanding blend of leadership ability and technical expertise. Originally hired, at least in part, due to his knowledge of our existing NEC 2400 telephone switch, he has been tasked with replacing the system with a VOIP upgrade. This he has accomplished including the daunting task of having the administrative and faculty components ready for this fall school opening. He has also been responsible for a variety of other projects including management and expansion of the Onity card access system. Thank you Eric for your valuable contribution to Albion College. Julyl23

June 2008

Congratulations Syble Hackworth, for being awarded the Dining & Hospitality Services Employee of the Month for June 2008. Syble was nominated by her supervisors in appreciation for the consistently outstanding performance she demonstrates. Syble is dependable, friendly, hard working, and is a positive influence on those around her. She interacts well with students, co-workers and management alike and takes tremendous pride in her job. Syble_Hackworth
Bob Watson has been nominated as Employee of the Month. Bob started part-time in the Grounds department November, 2004 then became a full-time employee in October, 2006. Bob is one of those unsung but very important people who are so important in keeping the College running. His primary responsibilities are trash collection, keeping all the dumpsters empty, and processing recyclable materials. If you see a large blue tractor driving around with the dumpster on the back…that’s Bob. It was his enthusiasm and perseverance in handling recycling and trash that inspired the current recycling and waste operation model. His daily performance significantly reduces the amount of waste leaving campus and entering the land-fills, but instead diverts many tons into recycling. He is always suggesting better practices for the grounds department. His current passion is to establish more ground cover and wild flowers, from campus stock, to reduce future mulch demands. You can see his handy work around Wesley Hall and Burns Street apartments. If you get a chance, thank Bob for his service to the college. June205
Bill McCoy has been employed by Albion College since 2004 and has recently been promoted to director of Maintenance and Energy Management. Bill is relentless in making sure that we see the students as our #1 customer. He is highly driven to succeed at any goal set before him. He will take time to thoroughly explain his thoughts or ideas. He helps us to understand why and how something we are not familiar with works. He also serves a key role in Albion’s energy management and conservation program. Congratulations on a job well done! June206

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