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Web Print

Login:  (Network/Coursewebs/wifi credentials)

How to print to an Albion printer from your personal computer.

What type of files can I print?



You will not be able to choose a specific page range when using the web print option.  If your document is 8 pages, you will have to print all 8 pages instead of pages 3 and 4.  If you would like to print specific pages, you will need to save them as a separate document.

How do I access web print?

Log in to with your Albion network username and password.  This is the same password you use to log-in to course webs or an Albion computer lab machine.


Select the “Web Print” option available from the list on the left-hand side.


Once you have selected Web Print, select the “Submit a Job” button on the right-hand side of the screen.  Next, you will see the list of printers available for web print.  Select the printer you would like to print to.  If the printer you would like to print to is not listed, web print is currently not available for that printer.  Please email  with the name of that printer so it can be considered for Web Print in the future.


Next, you will select the number of copies and to which account you would like to print to.  The default is to print one (1) copy of the document, but you can change that by altering the number in the “Copies” box.

It will default to your personal account, but if you are a member of a student organization, you can select “Charge to shared account,” and select that organization in the drop-down menu.  We do not use PIN/code at Albion so that feature can be ignored.  When you are finished modifying the number of copies and account information, you can select “Upload Document.


Lastly, you will select “Browse” to locate the document you would like to print.  Once you have selected the document, click the “Upload & Complete” button to finish printing.


The screen above will appear once your job has been queued for printing.  To continue printing, select the “Submit a Job” button.




Frequently Required Data





Employee Discounts and Purchase Programs

The College is pleased to provide employees with an Employee Discount Program that covers a variety of products and services. These discounts serve as additional benefits to our valued employees. Our Employee Discounts Program focuses on the communities where our employees live, work, and thrive! We strive to develop a program that is a bridge between campus and the larger community; a benefit for both our employees and our local businesses.

Organizations or vendors interested in participating, please contact Human Resources at or (517) 629-0205.

Please direct comments or suggestions about additional discount opportunities to .

Disclaimer:  Albion College does not negotiate, guarantee, or endorse discount vendors or discount prices.  You should research and compare prices, levels of service, and any licensing or certification requirements before agreeing to any arrangements, contracts, or purchases. Any arrangement, service or product purchased with this discount program is the sole responsibility of the employee.  Albion College assumes no obligation for these arrangements and does not endorse any of the organizations or their services, products or programs.  All arrangements are strictly between the employee, as a consumer, and the service provider.


pdfSchaefer Dry Cleaning

  • Discounts on dry cleaning and laundered garments
  • Free pick-up/drop-off delivery on campus every Wednesday

pdfTomac Woods Golf Course

  • Discounts on walking and riding rates
  • 25% off greens fees and carts
  • Must show College ID

Dell Member Purchase Program:

  • Special deals for Albion College employees/students on Dell products, use above link to access savings.

Sprint Works Program

  • Albion College Employees Qualify for Savings on New and Existing Sprint Accounts plus a 25% Accessory Discount!  Use the Corporate ID: GVSMI_WCA_ZZZ
  • New Sprint Customers shop online at , visit your local Sprint Store ( or call 866-639-8354 to find out about Special Promotions. 
  • Existing Sprint Customers can register your account at from your computer or smartphone. Select Current or New Customer. Enter your phone #.  There will be an option that says are you an educator or student. Fast track your verification.  Select this option and follow the instructions.


Albion College employees qualify for discounts on wireless bills and 25% savings on most acessories. Employees should take a paystub (available on ACIS) under 30 days old, to their local Verizon store to review their saving options.


Albion College reserves the right to deny or revoke any proposed or previously approved application at any time


Our Mission

Purchasing supports academic and operational excellence by working with on-campus constituents and developing external partnerships in the purchase of materials, supplies and services for the College.

We are located in the Facilities Operations building. Please feel free to contact us at extension 0289 or via email to .

The purchase of computer equipment and computer supplies should be directed to the IT Department.

Several college departments are members of associations that offer discounts with certain vendors. If there is an item that is also sold from a vendor that provides additional savings to the college, Purchasing will contact the department and discuss changing vendors.

A current vendor listing is available in Banner, screen FTMVEND. If you do not find a person or company in this listing please contact Purchasing for assistance. If you know that this is a first time use of a vendor, a W-9 is required before a requisition can be completed. Please ask that W-9’s be sent or faxed directly to Purchasing, fax number is 517/629-0598.

Office Max as the primary vendor for ordering office supplies. Please contact purchasing for access to online ordering.

Purchase Requisition

A purchase requisition is the departmental request to purchase goods and services. Purchase requisitions must be processed on line through ACIS, which is located on the college home page. An approved requisition authorizes Purchasing to buy goods and services against a specific college budget.

Please contact the Purchasing department to request access to ACIS for requisition posting. This requisition module is a product of Banner.

Purchase Order

A purchase order is the contract between the college and vendor. Purchasing will process an approved purchase requisition to a purchase order after the necessary approvals. The purchase order will be sent to the vendor unless specified otherwise by the department requestor.

A purchase order is needed when purchasing any goods or services and is the only means for payment to a vendor other than a direct pay. For guidelines for using direct pay is available in the Accounting folder on the college W drive.

Storage Inventory

There are items that the college stores as surplus inventory. This is generally furniture and office type supplies (trash cans, bulletin boards etc). If you or your department has a need for this type of item, please contact the purchasing office to see if it is available as a surplus item.

Property Disposal

Policy: The Purchasing office is responsible for the disposal of surplus, obsolete and worn out equipment. All items acquired by the college, regardless of the department funding source, are generally considered college property and subject to the disposal procedures. Contact Purchasing to request removal of property or equipment.

*Computers and related equipment is the responsibility of IT.


Items that have a redeemable value, but are no longer needed by the college, may be sold. Purchasing will coordinate this activity, including advertising. The sale price will be determined by Purchasing. All sales are final, cash and carry and with no guarantee or warranty. Proceeds for any sale of surplus property will be deposited in a general revenue fund.

Computer Sale

The college will have a separate sale for computers that have been deemed obsolete by the IT Department. This sale will also be coordinated by the Purchasing Department. The same conditions apply as in the surplus sale. As approved by the Office of the President, 10% of the available computers for sale will be donated to The Albion Economic Development office and appropriated to a non-profit organization.

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