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Judicial Offices

For students that have aspirations of attending law school, a real world experience in the legal field will help distinguish yourself from other applicants as well as introduce you to possible career paths for your future degree. Judicial internships experienced by Ford Institute members are typically reserved for law school students, so the rigor of these opportunities give great understanding into different aspects of our legal system.

Danielle with Sheryl Mitchell the City Manager for Albion. Spotlight: Madeline Drury, ’15, and Johanna Schulte, ’15

Through a partnership with Northwestern University School of Law, Maddie and Johanna spent the summer of 2013 in Chicago interning for the Bluhm Legal Clinic's Center of Wrongful Convictions. In addition to learning about the effects of wrongful convictions, they researched evidence for specific cases and helped evaluate whether or not the clinic should take on certain clients. This experience complemented Maddie's studies in sociology and Johanna's pre-law academic focus.

Other Offices


  • 24th District Court
  • Kalamazoo County Juvenile Court
  • Office of Juvenile Court Judge – Hamburg, Germany
  • Ingham County Probate Court
  • 3rd Circuit Court
  • 30th Circuit Court Intensive Neglect Services
  • US Supreme Court

Legal Offices

  • Clark Hill Law Firm
  • Federal Legal Aide Defenders
  • Legal Department – Meritor, Inc.
  • Wayne County Prosecutor
  • District Attorney – City of Philadelphia
  • Administrative Office of the US Courts
  • Essex County Correctional Facility

International Programs

Through programs like Boston University or Educational Programmes Abroad (EPA), spend a semester abroad taking classes and/or working at an internship site. With emerging technologies and global interdependence, our world is getting smaller. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and place yourself ahead of the pack with international experience.

Marissa Cloutier in the Ekumfi district of central Ghana with the Global Brigades. Spotlight: Marissa Cloutier, ’14

A member of the Ford Institute and the Institute for Healthcare Professions, Marissa spent the summer of 2013 in the Ekumfi district of central Ghana with the Global Brigades (medical program). As a global health intern she interviewed community members and conducted public health research in order to improve the organization’s medical and public health programs. This experience prepared Marissa for graduate studies in molecular epidemiology.

Other Offices

Government Offices

  • European Union (Brussels)
  • US Department of State (Zambia)
  • House of Commons – Canadian Parliament
  • House of Councilors – Japan
  • Australian Parliament
  • British Parliment
  • American Embassy (Costa Rica)

Non-Government Offices

  • Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies (the Hague)
  • London Art Therapy Centre
  • Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung (Berlin)
  • Shayne Industries’ Headquarters (Hangzhou, China)
  • Secours Populaire Francais (Paris)
  • Think Tank for Action on Social Change (Dublin)
  • St. Jude Hospital (St Lucia, West Indies)

State and Local Government

Many students graduate high school without learning about state or municipality governance, yet knowledge of how to govern at a more local level is just as important as how to govern on a federal level. State and local government interns receive guidance from governors, state legislators, mayors, and city managers. Take advantage of the opportunity to see how policy directly impacts different neighborhoods and communities.

Danielle with Sheryl Mitchell the City Manager for Albion. Spotlight: Danielle Nelson, ’17

During the spring 2015 semester, Danielle interned with Sheryl Mitchell, the City Manager for Albion. Danielle was less of an intern and more of an assistant, attending meetings, creating programs for residents, and even impacting policy decisions such as adding bike lanes to the community. This experience will prepare her for a career as a city planner.

Other Offices

State Legislators

  • House Speaker Jase Bolger
  • Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop
  • Senate Minority Leader Mark Schauer
  • State Representative Kate Segal
  • State Senator Gary Peters

State Executive

  • MI Department of Environmental Quality
  • MI Attorney General
  • MI Department of Transportation
  • MI State Board of Education
  • MI Governor Jennifer Granholm

Local Government

  • Miami-Dade School Board
  • Oakland County Dpt of Parks & Rec
  • Portage City Hall
  • Village of Mackinaw City
  • St. Clair County Drain Commissioner

Congressional Committees


Spotlight »

Noel Niles, '10


Other Committees »

  • US Senate Committee on Labor & Human Resources
  • Committee on Education and Labor
  • US Senate Banking Committee

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